Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ASL Poetry Night for DEAAF at Equal Grounds

On December 14th, Dangerous Signs (NTID students), Matt Schwartz, Vicki Nordquist, and Eddie Swayze (myself) presented American Sign Language performances at Equal Grounds. The performance was a fundraising effort to support Deaf Education and the Arts for African Families (DEAAF). It turned out a great success with a packed audience. The fundraising raised up to $261.00 that will go to a school in Zambia, Africa where deaf/hard of hearing kids get their education and their families receive things they need such as shoes, clothing, school supplies, and so forth. It was a great honor to become part of DEAAF and making the fundraising possible. I would like to thank John White, the owner of Equal Grounds, for allowing this to happen. He sent an e-mail to me, saying how impressed he was with the show and asked me to present the show again. Without a doubt, I will make this happen again down the road. I also shall thank 3 interpreters who voiced the performers' sign language for the hearing audience who don't know how to read ASL: Denise Herrara, Chris Coles, and Adam O'Connor.

Here are the pictures of the performance.

Vicki Nordquist

Me and Dangerous Signs

A packed crowd of audience

Matt Schwartz

Tim Holmes and Malik Paris

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5th Sci. Fi. Illustration for Ron L. Hubbart Contest

Click on this picture to see it bigger.

Here is my 5th science fiction illustration for the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest. I sketched this alien creature in a sketch book with only a pen. I then used the sketch drawing and re-drew it on a large yellow paper, using color pencils. As a surprise, it took one day to complete this work. Yet, I feel I need to work on the rocky hills and aliens' rocky huts behind the creature, for they are a little flat, and the footprints from the alien don't look like they are six-legged footsteps. Henceforth, I will do the touch-ups and eventually scan it and send it to the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest soon. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

ASL Performance Show at Equal Grounds for DEAAF Fundraising

Here is a flyer I created and you can click on it to see it bigger.

My ASL Poetry Society worked with DEAAF (Deaf Education African Arts for Family) to help them fundraise toward education needs for the deaf/hard of hearing African children. This goal will become a reality on December 14th at Equal Grounds downtown Rochester starting at 7:30 PM. Deaf/hard of hearing performers will present their creativity at Equal Grounds, using sign language (American Sign Language). The tickets will be purchased at the show that will go to DEAAF to send money and school supplies to schools where deaf/hard of hearing African students attend. The performers will be Vicki Nordquist, Matt Schwartz, Eddie Swayze (myself), and Dangerous Signs (NTID students performing art group). I'm honored to become part of DEAAF and their fundraising efforts to make the difference in good cause. I am looking forward to make this become a success as much as possible. I would like you to attend and spread the word, too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

ImageOutWrite 2012 Publication Celebration/Performance

On October 18th, I performed my three poems that are published in a book titled ImageOutWrite 2012 at the Yards, an art/performance space at the Public Market, downtown Rochester. The poems I performed were "Kiss Him For Me", "Rainbow Wings", and "Fire". Other glbt poets/writers presented their work on stage and they were great. I had a great time. A photo of me performing was taken by Thomas Warfield, renown poet/actor/dancer/educator, and also performed his two poems that are in the book.

Also, I got the ImageOutWrite 2012 book at the Yard by the editor who was there, and here is a photo of the book. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

3 Poems in ImageOutWrite 2012 Published

My 3 poems "Rainbow Wings", "Kiss Him For Me", and "Fire" are finally out, published in ImageOutWrite 2012 book. You can see the image above and it's a book cover. My and other glbt people's work got published for celebrating ImageOut's 20th anniversary and showing the great talents and pride available in the city of Rochester, NY.

You can order them online by clicking these:




Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Virtual Sex for Ron L. Hubbard Illustration Contest

I was suggested by the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest to submit more than what I already submitted. Previously, I submitted 3 illustrations to the contest. The 3 are being judged at the moment and will find out soon. Meanwhile, I drew this technology-themed science fiction illustration related to sex through virtual reality in the future. All done with color pencils on white paper. Had this posted on Facebook and got feedback. Learned to make a woman more female, for many couldn't tell if the person is female or thought it's male. I added earrings, make-ups, more deep red on the lips, and some shadings on her chest to show female breasts a little more. Others wasn't sure what the old man's glasses were, looking like it's a sunglasses. I added a cable wire and a glowing red light on his forehead, just to make it look like he's going on a virtual reality world. This will be my 4th submission to the contest. I will be doing the 5th one soon, focusing on robots, soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dangerous Signs for Fringe Festival at the Little Theatre Cafe

On September 21st, I and the cast members in Dangerous Signs headed over to Little Theatre Cafe for Rochester's Fringe Festival. Luane Davis Haggerty, director and voicer, and Joseph Fox, one of the cast members, wore Dangerous Signs sweatshirts on the way to the Cafe. 

From left to right, Jonathan, Malik, Troy, and Jamal performed Paul Lawrence Dunbar's "We Wear the Masks" in American Sign Language.

From left to right, Eden, Tim, Eddie (myself), Jonathan, Jamal, Joseph, Malik, Sam, and Troy were performing a skit about what poetry is, and its meaning and purposes.

Joseph and Malik performed Robert F. Panara's poem titled "The Rustle of A Star".

I (myself), Tim, Troy, Eden, Malik, and Jamal performed "Bully", created by all of us in ASL. We brought up the Karen Klein bullying situation that happened on the bus in Rochester when young boys mocked at the woman with video-tape online, which became a big news at a national level. Each of us also did skits about each bullying experiences each of us had when young in schools in the past. We also created a bullying mime, physical movement, and acting skit. Lastly, we used each letter of the woman's name - Karen Klein - to convey the message of bullying as not good for anyone.

Troy, Jonathan, Tim, Eden, Sam, Jamal, and myself performed my own poem titled "Bones". All of us interacted together when I performed this work in which they became bones inside the ears, seashells, organic ornaments, and water; an American Sign Language poetic technique called personification. 

This is a continuing performance of "Bones".

This performance is a poem written by Langston Hughes titled "Hold Fast To Dreams". Eden and Sam became birds flying, lifted by Jamal and Troy, that were about to have their wings broken when Jonathan upfront said "Bird with broken wings that cannot fly."

We all received positive comments from the audiences in the Little Theatre Cafe. Possible opportunities came up when some people brought up with ideas such as possibly performing in a local TV news on public television, performing at public schools (especially the bullying skit), and performing at GEVA theatre in their NEXT Stage section. Also, we performed on a large stage on Gibbs street afterwards, outside. We performed "Honor to Trayvon Martin", the shooting incident that happened down in Florida which became controversial due to possible racism. The next day, on September 22nd, we performed at the Little Theatre #1, using their stage, which we did the same performances at the Little Theatre Cafe.

Friday, September 14, 2012

"The Village" in Planet Deaf Queer Web Site

My poem titled "The Village" is published in Deaf Planet Queer web site. This poem is gay-themed related to my experience being on Christopher Street, the Greenwich Village area, where the glbt community thrives since Stonewall Riot happened (gays fighting against the police in 1969) for the 1st time back in 1999. Drago Renteria requested me to submit my gay-themed poems for his Deaf Queer Planet site. More of my poems will be in that site later.

I shall thank Luane Davis Haggerty for bringing me to that place when I performed as Prospero for "The Tempest" in 1999.

Click on this to read the poem: http://planet.deafqueer.com/poetry-the-village/

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rochester Fringe Festival and Dangerous Signs

Photo Credit: Malik C. Paris

Dangerous Signs will perform for Rochester's Fringe Festival on September 21st and 22nd. I, Luane Davis Haggerty (director/voicer/performer), and the rest of the cast members will present ASL poetry, skits, and storytelling including mime, dance movements, and acting.

The dates, times, and locations we will perform are the following:

September 21 (a short promo on the street) Gibbs STreet stage - 10 minutes at 5:00pm
September 21 6:00-7:00pm in the Little movie theater - Theater #1 stage (50 minutes)
Septmeber 22 12:00-1:00 in the Little movie theater cafe (50 minutes)

Here is Fringe Festival web address for you to click on to get the details of the whole festival, performers, tickets, and etc:

Come on down to see us and other great performers' work. This is a huge event and we - Dangerous Signs - are indeed excited to become part of the event.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 Poems Accepted into GLBT Edition

I am just informed that my 3 poems are accepted to be published in ImageOut's (annual glbt film festival in Rochester, NY) first annual edition of ImageOutWrite. My poems and other glbt poets/writers' work will be published this October. 

Here are the 3 poems that will be in the publication:

"Rainbow Wings"

For thousands of years,
They hid in cocoons.
Couldn't spread their wings.
Couldn't even fly.

Slept in the dark
Like cities without sun,
Dormant without dreams,
Ice-cold for years.
Snow hugged their cocoons.

They pushed their walls
Though difficult to do.
Some ripped them 
But too few.
Some slipped into the light
But cruel society mocked them.
They slipped back into their cocoons.

Then one summer year,
They had enough.
They ripped their cocoons into shreds.
Threw stones and bottles. Set the streets on fire.
Flapped their wings in rainbows and
Blew cruelty away.

Years came by,
Many cocoons thawed and opened.
Many of them spread their wings and ascended into the air.
They tasted freedom, the delicious fruits, and
Savored them all, sweet with great boon.

Yet they looked back over their shoulders and
Remembered the others
Who couldn't come out.
They pondered upon sheer suffering,
Then turned their heads back in front of themselves and
Dreamed for the better.

They flapped their rainbow wings through the societies
Though hard work against great challenges.
They twisted the nuts and bolts to play
However nasty the tasks had to be.
They refused to surrender,
For they wished upon the better for the future generations.
They painted the rainbows on the future generations' wings
And said, "Shall your wings flap stronger in brighter rainbows for many years to come."

"Kiss Him For Me"

My wishful dream
Popped alive
Like pink champagne bubbles.
They floated wild upon the air,
Tingling my scalp beneath my hair.
I looked at a fine sculptured dude
And became mesmerized by his sheer beauty:
The way he stood, the way his eyes glistened,
The way he smiled,
In all that bursted my heart into bubbles.
Yet to seethe for a kiss
Became too hard to buy
When romance didn't arise.
In a mirror, standing in front of me,
He was embedded in the reflective glass.

In my fantasy, I could walk into the mirror
And explore him deep and through
Yet the glass became solid and barred my way.
Nothing could take me, take me, take me in.
I said, "Kiss him for me. I'll find another one later."

I'm laughing at the champagne bubbles floating around,
A total nonsense, all in pink,
Too far from the reality.
It's just a tease for no good in the blue.
A new party dream shall flow into another day or night
Where possibilities could arise.
I shall dance away and head forwardly.
Again, I said to the mirror where this distant dude stood,
"Kiss him for me. I'll find another one later.
Kiss him for me! Kiss him for me!"


                Boot up! 
                Gaze into the photon lights and open the program. Dive into the metaverse, then you see a glowing avatar: lovely and handsome, dressed in a neon-blue three-piece suit with perfect groomed plastic black hair and precise wedge-shaped plastic face. He's standing on the steel street. Bright acid violet beams glow along the streets. Blade-gray sky looms thick above him. Look at that young dude. Gorgeous as heaven, isn't he? Oooh, ahhh! Look at how he stands in his pair of neat black shoes. Oooh, ahhh! See how his v-shaped torso entices your eyes powerfully. Soon he notices you; his silicon neon-blue eyes allure you.You can feel it; he's sucking you toward him, an electronic vampire. You're standing so close to him.
                "Would you like to go out  with me tonight?" he asks you.
                You say, "Oh, yeah."
                He walks toward a three-dimensional black box. Pink Avant Garde font type neon light blinks on and off on top. It reads "Pink Flamingos". 
                The man's activated cracking voice flirts with you, "I love your smile!"
                You smile back with your gleeful eyes. Oooh, ahhh! Look at his 3-D-rendered baby face. Oooh, ahhh! Look at his digitized watermelon-shaped butt. Oooh, ahhh! See how it snuggles into his blue pants: perfect, smooth, and nicely firm.You and the lad enter the black box. Inside it's a cyber nightclub.
                "Hey, it's party time! It's party time!" he says.
                Many half nude sexy men shake their firm asses on the pulsating electronic floor, flirtatious and suave. Oooh, ahhh! Look at their muscles twitching and contracting. Oooh, ahhh! They turn you on into fire! 
                The man softly whispers into your ear, "Ready to dance?"
                You say, "Yeah."
                He guides you to the dancing floor, and begins to wriggle and writhe.You start along, flirting back with your eyes. My God, my God, my God, my God, I'm going crazy! Move it! Don't stop! Oooh, ahhh! His ass flexes neatly. Oooh, ahhh! His arms flail in the air sexually. He unbuttons his shirt and magic explodes from his plastic chest. Look how it glows: smooth marble-white, smooth milky-white. You shake like a wild artificial peacock. Shake your highlighted colorful feathers skillfully! Move it! Groove it! Dance into rave! Rave into it! Rave into the techno trance! See how all the men move their bodies? See how he moves his body? Move your body just like their bodies! Oooh, ahhh! Sweat it out! Oooh, ahhh! Pump it out! Sweat covers your flesh like plastic sheets and plastic mask. Sweat trickles down on his sculptured chest and it glistens in the flashing lights. Sooth it! Smear it! Feel it! The sweat don't bother you, sexy like some hot melting wax. Wax it up!  Whip it good! Shake it up! Shoot it real quick! You and the man palpitate, penetrate, pump and pump, and lock and lick into each other.
                Your heart repeats into rapid gigabyte rhythms: fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire: hair-to-hair, bones-to-bones, and blood-to-blood. He licks your neck, vampire-like, and you scream in ecstasy. Oooh, ahhh! Feel his butt contract as he penetrates you over and over and over and over. Oooh, ahhh! See his whole muscles compress majestically again, again, again, again. God! God! God! God! You want more, more, more, more. Hot red lava spews up in the air! Hot red wine spills all over! Hot red humming birds flutter their wings! Hot red gas sizzles all through your body! Explode like a Big Bang, Big Bang, Big Bang, Big Bang! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Your heart ignites into fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire!
                Shut down!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video Editing of Dangerous Signs for KickStarter Fundraising

Here is a photo of my desktop computer with iMovie software where I am editing a video of myself and Luane Davis Haggerty talking about what Dangerous Signs is about. There are also 2 videos of Dangerous Signs performing in the software. Once all put together and completed, this project will be uploaded into Kickstarter.com. Luane Davis Haggerty, Director of Dangerous Signs, and I, Eddie Swayze, are putting our chances to get Dangerous Signs fund raised by Kickstarter participants via online on the Internet. Once and if we get the goal up to $7,000.00, it could cover the costs of creating DVDs of Dangerous Signs for history, marketing, and educational purposes plus cover the costs of traveling. I shall hope for our best to reach the goal. Kickstarter.com's post of Dangerous Signs will be put in here once it's completed and ready. Dangerous Signs is an ASL (American Sign Language) multi-cultural performance arts group with poetry, storytelling, miming, acting, and dancing, all to be presented by interactive performances by the deaf and hard of hearing performers on stage.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Poetry" in YouTube

Just uploaded a poem that I haven't performed for a long time and forgot about it. It's titled "Poetry". It's about what poetry can do to us all human beings under any experiences such as loneliness, freedom, and etc. (all mentioned in the work). The video includes my recorded voice, which I was able to sing a bit. Translated the whole work into American Sign Language (ASL).

Here is the YouTube page for you to click on and see the videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oSTH1mZ_pc&feature=youtu.be

Here is an English-written poem, copied/pasted below.


Poetry is a shining star.
Poetry is a steel guitar.
Poetry is a blooming rose.
Poetry is a search for hope.

Poetry is freedom.
Free like birds up in the sky.
Free like angels up in the sky.
Free like a violin's sweet sighs.
Free like the first kiss in the night.

Poetry is the working lament.
Poetry is the love absent.
Poetry is the bar blues.
Poetry is the loneliness blues.

Poetry is healing.
Heal us from the pain.
Heal us from the rain.
Heal us from idleness.
Heal us from loneliness.

Poetry is the shining sun.
Poetry is making love.
Poetry is laughter.
Poetry is our teacher.

Poetry is learning.
Learn to expand our minds.
Learn to enhance creative minds.
Learn to explore more.
Learn to want more.

Poetry is tears in our eyes.
Poetry is loss of sigh.
Poetry is darkness.
Poetry is sadness.

Poetry is a reminder.
Reminding us the beauty of life.
Reminding us the search for light.
Reminding us  love is always there.
Reminding us  humanity is always there.

Poetry is spiritual.
Poetry is ritual.
Poetry is anything.
Poetry is everything.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Fragile Earth" ASL Poem in YouTube

I uploaded this ASL poem titled "Fragile Earth" into YouTube. This particular poem is about destructions on planet Earth caused by the human race while I imagine myself as an alien in a cocoon above Earth, seeing the whole mess going on down below. It's a powerful piece of work and this poem has been published several times in e-zines plus it will be published in an upcoming anthology printed book soon. 

Click on this YouTube site to see this poem:


"I'm An Artist" ASL Poem in YouTube

I uploaded "I"m An Artist" ASL poem into YouTube for the world to watch and enjoy. The poem is about me being an artist facing anti-art, fear of creativity, denial of truth, and so forth schemes or activities that exist in reality, and that as an artist, I should never feel ashamed, guilty, or bad about my work, creativity, truth, and so on. It's my revolt against anti-art attitudes or political ploy against freedom of expressions. It's my fight against fascism or ultra-conservative extremities going on. 

Click on this YouTube site address to see the video:


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dangerous Signs To Perform for Fringe Festival

Dangerous Signs, an ASL poetry/performance arts group, will perform for Rochester's upcoming Fringe Festival in September. Luane Davis Haggerty, (Director/Voicer/Actress) got Dangerous Signs to become part of the whole Fringe Festival. The Festival will show all kinds of stuff: poetry, dance, music, and etc. Troy Chapman, myself (Eddie Swayze), and others will perform poetry, performance arts, and storytelling in American Sign Language at this particular Festival.

Luane, Troy, and I were at the Little Theatre downtown Rochester to be part of their Press Release celebration. A few performers (hearing) did their short skits on stage at the Theatre (P.U.S.H., Kasha Davis - drag queen performer, and a few others). Speeches were presented as well. Thomas Warfield, a renown dancer/singer/actor, who teaches Dance at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) were there. We are all excited to present our talents for this special Festival. Details of dates/time/etc. will be posted in here soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dangerous Signs Photos at the Deaf Festival

Here are great photos of my and 3 other guys' performances in our titled performance group, Dangerous Signs, taken at the Deaf Festival, 2012. The performers are Eddie Swayze (myself), Troy Chapman, Nic Shaw, and Joseph Fox. Interesting enough, there were so many comments on Facebook of our performances that they had to be scrolled down to read them all. I am to interpret that Dangerous Signs turned out popular from all those positive responses on Facebook, which is a good thing. Since I brought up the idea of presenting Dangerous Signs to the Deaf Festival this year, Luane Davis Haggerty (director/voicer/performer) thanked this great idea and should do it again next year. Deaf Festival will take place at the Genesee Park as a better, bigger place and its 5th year by then. We will strive to continue, grow, and pursue as a touring group down the road.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dangerous Signs Performance at Deaf Festival

Luane Davis Haggerty, our director and participant, had us rehearse and then present our performance at the Deaf Festival on June 9th in Rochester, NY. I (Eddie Swayze), Troy Chapman, Joseph Fox, and Nic Shaw as Dangerous Signs (name of group) did American Sign Language poetry, sign along a song "Crazy", and some skits in front of the audience under the tent at the Deaf Festival on Ellington Park. The crowd was great and the show went very well. Mostly of what we performers did was to interact each other when doing the poetry, song, and skits. The interactions helped me expand more than just being a single performer and it is a fun challenging thing to do. It's good to perform with cast together than being myself for a change. I was the one who came up with the idea of having our Dangerous Signs perform at the Festival and it became a reality. Luane and I think we shall present for the Deaf Festival's upcoming 5th year next year.

In picture, from left to right, Eddie Swayze, Troy Chapman, Joseph Fox, and Nic Shaw.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I am pleased to have my one poem titled "Magic in the Sky" published in Silver Blade Magazine. The publisher uploaded my electronic music with my recorded spoken words of the poem in it, a GIF animated slideshow of my 4 computer-generated science fiction images I created, the written poem, itself, and the biography of myself and what I do. They did a great job and I am impressed with the sound quality of the music in their music player, the animated slideshow of my sci. fi. images, and the rest of the whole thing. This is a paid work. I'm honored to be part of their science fiction and fantasy magazine.

To read my "Magic in the Sky" poem, hear my "Magic in the Sky" electronic music, see the animated slideshow of the sci. fi. images, and etc, click on the Silver Blade site address:


Thursday, May 10, 2012

9 ASL Poems for RIT Root Event

I will perform my 10 poems, all translated into ASL (American Sign Language) along my recorded voice in electronic music software on May 12th at 7 PM for RIT Root, an event for RIT student government, WITR (college radio), NTID Student Congress, and etc. My particular poetry performance is made possible by RIT's OUTspoken, an LGBT student organization. Some of my poems will have only my voice in the software, others will have my original composed electronic music. Some of the music are part of the poems and some are just looped background soundscapes. For example, my science fiction-themed poem titled "Cyborg Drag Queen" have several looped sci. fi. sound effects while my recorded voice speaks the lines. I will translate all of the poems into ASL on stage with dance, body language, facial expressions, mime, and acting. The event will take place outside on RIT campus. 

The 10 poems are:

"Howl" (cover poem by Allen Ginsberg), "Joey", Arthur Rimbaud", "After Breathing Glass", "A Lady In A Blue Dress", "Youthful Queen", "Cyborg Drag Queen", "The Village", and "Night Life".

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two Videos of ASL Poetry Performances at U of Rochester

Two videos showing my ASL poetry performance along my original composed electronic music are posted on YouTube. I presented my performance for University of Rochester's HeArt of Disorder exhibit and show on May 26th. The first was "An Amazon" which is about domestic violence and it includes a video that I made of a woman's face going through changes from abuse to healing. The second was "The Blues" with only electronic music without video and it's about going through melancholy and getting rid of it. HeArt of Disorder at University of Rochester was an educational event about anxiety, depression, and etc. 

Click on this YouTube site address in order to watch "The Blues":


Click on another YouTube site address to watch "An Amazon":


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My four ASL poems titled, "An Amazon", "All Is A Swirl Of Love (String Theory and Bjork)", "Blues", and "Beautiful Days" will be shown at University of Rochester for their Explore the heART of Disorder event. I will translate those original poems into American Sign Language along my original composed electronic music. Two of the poems will have 
videos that I made from scratch, projected behind me, during my performance. 

Here are the 4 poems that I will perform at U of R.

“All Is a Swirl Of Love (String Theory and Bjork)”

Photons dance through
Space and Time
In pure abstractions.
Invisible energies
Jazz up everywhere
In micro size,
In macro size.
All is a swirl of love.

Just close your eyes and believe.
They are our seas.
They hug us in beams.
Keep us warm and deep,
Always ever changing.
Dimensions morph in and out.
All is a swirl of love.

Touch anything and you will know.
Search inside and you will know.
Vibrating strings are in you.
Stretch from you up to the sky.
Enclose you and the whole time.
Blanket us all into one.
All is a swirl of love.

There is no need to hate or kill.
We are entwined
In micro size,
In macro size.
All connected
By unseen strings
That hold us
Like knots and ropes.
All is a swirl of love.

"Beautiful Days"

Sun rising.
Sun descending.
Winds dance cool and calm.
Clouds and starlights spangle across the skyway.

No fear.
No tears.
Walk through fresh air.
Cheer among friends and workers on jubilant landscapes.

Smooth journeys.
Cool atmospheres.
These are beautiful days.

Vast space.
Vast maze.
Explore ethereal roads of miracles.
Taste the colors of life through an open ocean.

Moon shining.
Moon dimming.
Snow or rain fall rough or kind.
Whirls of change cascade through days and nights.

Groomed paths.
Pools of sighs.
These are beautiful days.


Jailed blues moan beneath my ribcage.
Jam the guitar into the rhythm of the blues.
Join the grooves of melancholy through blue pine trees.
Blue-tinted moonlight bathes me into bluish chill.
A dark blue sea is the loss of pride.

Blow the blue silk smoke over my hair.
Drain some blue dyes out of my heart.
Shed some blue tears into the river.
Dissipate them all into thin air.

"An Amazon"

A steel-hearted gentleman
Grew purple and blue flowers
On her sweet, delicate face.

Her eyes coagulated
Into glass-stones.
Icicles hung from her eyelids.
Crimson cracks split her lips.

Bitter ruby wines dripped
Down into her throat.
Burning coals inflamed her flesh.
Fire flickered wild in her mind.

She slowly walked into a sanctuary
Where water fountains stood.
Poured some water on her face.
Nourished her broken bones.
Mended her broken heart.

The flowers turned into silky pink
On her sweet, healing face.
Her eyes turned gold,
Bright with majestic strength.

She approaches him as an Amazon,
Carrying a steel-laden shield.
She says, "I shall remember.
Your heart was never golden.
You led me into the dark.
Don't forget me!
You sucked my very blood!
You took all the joy from me.
Now I want it back!"

I will also perform up to 2 poems, spoken words and sign language simultaneously, at Bug Jar this Saturday night for the Occupy movements. I will perform a poem that have always been in my head and memorized called "Do Bongo. If time allows, I would perform "Fragile Earth". This is for support toward the Occupation movements and the fight against the 1% greed problems that are going on in this country.

Here are two poems for this event:

"Do Bongo"

Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!
Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!

Racial discriminations are not allowed in here! 
Racial discriminations are not allowed in here! 

Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!
Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!

This ancient drum beat came from the land of Africa!
This ancient drum beat came from the land of Africa!

Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!
Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!

The 1% greed is not allowed in here!
The 1% greed is not allowed in here!

Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!
Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!

This 99% came from the Occupy Wall Street!
This 99% came from the Occupy Wall Street!

Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!
Do bongo, do bongo, do bongo, do bongo!

Love, peace, and harmony!
Love, peace, and harmony!
Love, peace, and harmony!

“Fragile Earth”

As an alien in a cocoon,
I can see below.
They intermingle like discordant debris,
The thousands of emptied cotton gins.

Down below, they are playing with fire,
Abnormal with sheer insanity.
Blood and pleasures abused,
They turn grass blades into weeds.
Abandoning love,
They rip their hides
As vicious as ludicrous vampires.

They rape water lilies and water
Into rusted-brown oil.
Zeus’s lightning zaps and cuts
Them into broken parts.
They turn their Earth into a shape of the heart
With fragile fractures.