Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Poems Will Be Published in Masque Publishing

I am honored by Masque Publishing for accepting my two poems. "Honeymoon" will be published this December and "Fragile Earth" will be published in February next year.

I performed "Honeymoon" in ASL for my friend's wedding when she got married. Later, I composed an original electronic music with my recorded voice of that poem. I perform this poem in ASL while the electronic music plays and my recorded voice speaks the words.

Here is "Honeymoon" poem for you to read.

A snow-white frosting

Hugs the lovers’ lips.

It turns into sugared butterflies,

Glistening under the sun.

Melt their wings,

Rested on their sweetened lips.

Rose-colored tongues taste

The honeyed flavor.

The moon turns gold at dusk,

Bathing the roses and the dews,

Ready for the night of romance.

The enraptured lovers gracefully

Walk out, rice-spilled.

Painted amber-colored by the moon,

They split for the rose-tinted paradise

Out on the outskirts of the town.

In their secret temple,

Honey drips, one by one,

Down to their flesh.

Red roses blossom

Around their ecstasy-filled minds,

high with saturated love.

Vanilla flakes flutter down to their bed,


Rich enough to scintillate their tender hearts.

Stars shimmer above

And they glisten down to their eyes, starry-eyed.

The vines entwine them.

Dawn arises during their sleep.

Sweet lullabies sing in their slumbering dreams.

Sunlight warms their flesh,

Asking where the roses are.

Soon the roses open their petals

In their eyes, awakened.

A sweet taste still lingers on their lips

With a kiss, the truth of love glows between them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Photos of My Performance at IRT Deaf Festival

I finally received 4 photos of myself performing my ASL poetry in front of my video work along my original composed electronic music from Interbrorough Repertory Theatre (IRT). IRT had a deaf festival during the first week of June 2010. I translated my recorded voice that spoke my poems into ASL. The voice was embedded in the original composed electronic music as it was being played. My original videos were played behind me from my iMac laptop computer, connected through IRT's video projector.

I have been creating this multi-media performances, using videos as new medium besides just electronic music. I will continue to play around this idea. This idea is very much influenced by a well-known experimental avant-garde performing artist, Laurie Anderson.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mixed-Media Art Project in Progress

I have been creating this mixed-media artwork that conveys the message about technology and the deaf culture. Yet it is not completed and it is in progress.

I took a photo of my friend's hands with a digital camera. I used PhotoShop software in iMac computer to get rid of the background around the hands. I then printed it out and xeroxed it into transparent paper. I put a dot of glue on the corners of a transparent image of the hands onto the white styrofoam. I then glued the shiny gold squares fabric and black nylon fabric on the image. I also used grey duct tapes on the image. I used a black box from a gift of something that was inside when bought, emptied, and used velcro to attach the back of the box onto the bottom part of the image. I then had an ink drawing of my ear with a hearing aid that was done a while ago. I glued that into the box. I then used a metal lid from the metal box that had a watch inside when bought. I used the back of the lid for a transparent image of a TV show with captioning, using little glue at the corners. Then the lid was attached by velcro onto the top left corner of the hands image. I found a white plastic thing down in the basement that must be for something I have no idea what it's for. I glued the back of the styrofoam onto the middle of the white plastic object. I added shiny gold squares fabric, black nylon fabric, and grey duct tapes on the white object. When this project is done, I will use the white plastic object as a hanging thing with nails holding it or hooks to hold it, or whatever, however it will work.

It is an interesting mixed-media artwork that seems to make you think about wearing a hearing aid, relying on captioning on TV, and the hands for communication.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"Video-Phone Hallelujah" Mixed-Media Artwork

This project had been slow for me, for it took a while for me to figure out how I want to present it. This mixed-media artwork is titled "Video-Phone Hallelujah". It speaks upon the advancement of video conferencing technology happening lately, which is becoming more beneficial for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. I'm creating mixed-media art projects that focus on high technology and deaf/hard of hearing culture as a theme.

In this work, the image of a female friend and myself talking to each other via video-phone is actually a clear acetate paper, xeroxed from a regular print out. I took a photo of my Sorenson video phone, turned on on my HDTV in my living room, with a digital camera. There were no one in the video-phone when I took the photo. I used PhotoShop software in iMac computer to copy/paste a friend of mine and myself into the screens of the video-phone. That made it to look like we are chatting with each other.

I then used silver duct tapes to attach the clear acetate image of the video-phone conversation onto two white rectangular-shaped styrofoam, found from inside the boxes. I also used strong glues to keep the tapes on them. I then used strong glue and velcro to attach the back of the two white styrofoam things onto a mirror. The mirror, itself, is velcro-attached and glued onto a sturdy black cardboard. Then I attached the whole thing onto one wood frame with velcro and strong glue. I painted the frame with black acrylic paint. I then used silver duct tapes to cover the white styrofoam things to make them more metallic-looking. I had a silver chain and used it to hang the work, held by two silver hooks.

There is a blue tin metal box, which had a watch in it when I bought it, emptied, at the bottom. I attached this particular blue metal box with velcro and glue. I then used glues to make the small silver disco ball stay attached in the box as if it were actually being hung. I found a tiny clear plastic box. I crumbled a shiny silver fabric and put it into the clear plastic window, then closed the box, sealed up. I then cut an image of an astronaut on EVA chair in space and glued it onto the front of the clear plastic box. Lastly, I taped the outside of the blue metal box with silver duct tapes, which helped remove the blue color. The color blue on the box did not fit with the rest of the gray/silver colors of the project.

You may ask yourself, "Why did he put a disco ball and an astronaut in the box?". It is a conceptual information that refers to big science technology (space explorations), and fantastic novelty and "It's so cool!" feeling (the disco ball at concerts or in night clubs). This relates to the technological progress and extravaganza of video-phones. We can say, "Hallelujah!", because video-phones really enabled deaf/hard of hearing communities to communicate with the world so much better. If you look at the video-phone conversation between a friend and myself on a clear acetate paper, you would notice the image are being reflected off the mirror behind it. The reflection is fun to notice when you look through the clear acetate paper. It also conveys the idea that 3-Ds or holograms are coming around soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Fragile Earth" Poem Published in The Talon Magazine

My one poem just got accepted and it is published in The Talon Magazine. The poem is titled "Fragile Earth" and it speaks upon the environmental damages and human violence.

I am indeed amazed to have had two other poems published in Dark Lady Poetry and this poem in The Talon Magazine during this summer of 2010.


Eddie Swayze (WildPoet)