Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Virtual Sex for Ron L. Hubbard Illustration Contest

I was suggested by the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest to submit more than what I already submitted. Previously, I submitted 3 illustrations to the contest. The 3 are being judged at the moment and will find out soon. Meanwhile, I drew this technology-themed science fiction illustration related to sex through virtual reality in the future. All done with color pencils on white paper. Had this posted on Facebook and got feedback. Learned to make a woman more female, for many couldn't tell if the person is female or thought it's male. I added earrings, make-ups, more deep red on the lips, and some shadings on her chest to show female breasts a little more. Others wasn't sure what the old man's glasses were, looking like it's a sunglasses. I added a cable wire and a glowing red light on his forehead, just to make it look like he's going on a virtual reality world. This will be my 4th submission to the contest. I will be doing the 5th one soon, focusing on robots, soon.

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