Monday, August 18, 2014

Nude Male Mixed-Media Painting

To see the picture bigger, click right on the image.

I have been working on this project for a while, using a found object. It is a cardboard frame that used to hold an item I bought in the store. I just added a canvas with glue to the frame. I then used watercolor paint to create a rainbow background. I then found a photo of a nude man as a reference and drew the image on the rainbow-colored canvas with a pencil. I then used a black paint with a small thin paintbrush and painted on the outlines of the male figure. I painted the whole cardboard orange in acrylic. I then added the flower pieces that came from a pride parade necklace given to me during the pride event. I just took each flower out of the necklace string and lined them up in a rainbow order  horizontally, using strong glue, right on the white duct tapes below the male figure. In between those rainbow flowers and white duct tapes, there is a shiny blue fabric, which I attached, using some glue. Afterwards I used the blue glitter to create the lines around the figure as if to make the image more of a carnival look or the window entertainment look. There is also a black velvet cloth that covers the image as a curtain, which it is left open above the whole work. When this piece is hung on the wall, the black velvet curtain covers the work and people will have to lift the curtain in order to see the nude male. This is certainly a gay pride issue and it conveys the message upon sexual liberty against puritanical views or restrictions.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DJ The Porn Kings and My One Work Plus Self-Portrait

I just uploaded a video of myself playing my Numark Pro 2 DJ device. I used The Porn Kings' sampled electronic music titled "Up To No Good" and my own titled "Come On And Then Pump It" in the DJ device. I played them back and forth as I went along. I also translated the sampled words into ASL when they came on. This is to give you an idea that I can switch the 2 music back and forth.

I also created a new DJ WildPoet self-portrait for profiles and so forth. Here it is.

Unfortunately, the video turned out dark without realizing that I should have added more lights in the room. The other problem was my mistake to forget to turn off the "Scratching" buttons. When I spun the wheels, they created the "scratching" sound effects, which I didn't anticipate to allow that to happen. I usually don't like doing the scratching effects. I did eventually turn off the "Scratching" buttons, which I then was able to just speed up the tracks into faster beats per seconds; that was what I wanted to do. So that was the only thing that you may noticed. Other than that, the other sound effects sounded great and wildly ethereal. 

I am planning to look for a DJ table or holder or shelf of some kind where I can put my Numark Pro 2 and laptop on during performances soon. Once that is taken care of, I will pursue for performance opportunities, hopefully by this Fall season.

Here is the YouTube video of the Porn Kings and my work. Just click on the hyperlink and you'll go right to it.