Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Korg Electronic Music

I bought a brand new Korg electronic music device and it's called Kaossilator Pro. I have been playing around with the device for several weeks now and still learning how to play it as time goes on. The goal with this device is to use it when performing my poetry in ASL (American Sign Language). I still need to get a small memory card (SD Card) in order to be able to store the work in this device. I also would like to get a microphone and hook it to this device. The microphone into this device will enable me to speak my poems (in English) and create special vocal effects like robot voice and etc. Down the road, I would love to add a synthesizer and go beyond what this device can do. The idea is to play the device, push the buttons to save the sound effects I want, and speak the poems into the device with the microphone, then translate the spoken words in ASL on stage. It may appear as if I am a D.J. and performing artist/poet at the same time or back and forth. This enables me to go beyond just using GarageBand in my iMac laptop. It is also possible to play the device along the GarageBand in my iMac laptop simultaneously to add more soundscapes. This is truly an exciting experiment for me and I am looking forward to using this Korg Kaossilator Pro device on stage in the near future.