Friday, December 30, 2011

2 Poems Published in Science Poetry from Canada

I just received a book titled "Science Poetry" from Ontario, Canada. It has two of my poems published in it. They are "New Ways" and "Every Man For Himself". The cover looks beautiful and the poems by other writers/poets are great besides my work. Neal McAllister and Zara McAllister chose the writings and edited the whole book project. I shall thank them for choosing my two work and creating this wonderful book. It is my very first poetry publication outside of America. You can easily read my two poems if you click on the pictures of my poems above.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pictures of My One Act Play as Father Raylight for MuCCC Theatre

Here are two photos of me acting as Father Raylight in my one act play titled "Reincarnated Priest" for A Brief History of Apocalypse at MuCCC Theatre on Dec. 21st. I used spoken English word, sign language, acting, and pantomime. Received a lot of positive comments from audiences, other performers, and professional play writers/directors.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My One Act Play for Brief History of the Apocalypse

My one act play titled "Reincarnated Priest" will be presented at MuCCC Theatre on Altlantic Avenue downtown Rochester, NY on December 21st, 2011. I will act as Father Raylight, who happens to be an out and celibate gay priest in the 22nd Century dealing with Altered Genetic Deterioration Syndrome (AGDS), caused by the bio-weapons. Other play writers will perform their work, too. I will use American Sign Language and spoken words while performing plus mime. This show is part of John Borek's Brief History of the Apocalypse event that portrays the irrationality upon the end of the world at the year 2012 and what people believe in or don't believe in. Though my work does not bring up the 2012 apocalypse fear, yet it still does deal with the end of the world in the future. I am honored to be asked to perform my short science fiction play.

My work is also mentioned in Rochester's Democratic and Chronicle newspaper. Here is a copied/pasted piece about my work.

Reincarnated Priest

By Eddie Swayze World War III, China vs. the United States, has unleashed a bio-weapon called AGDS — Altered Genetic Deterioration Syndrome — with symptoms much like AIDS a century earlier.

The 47-year-old Swayze, who works with the deaf and mentally challenged at the Center for Disability Rights, and who is partially deaf himself, will not only perform the play in spoken word, but will sign and mime his way through it.

The main character, Father Joseph Raymond, succumbs to AGDS. "He's not happy about it," Swayze says. But once the reincarnated Father Joseph gets a look at the beautiful, peaceful planet that he has found in death, the playwright admits, the apocalypse "could be good for some people."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Full Length Video of "Imagine" ASL Choir

Here is a full length video of me and my participants as ASL Choir for World AIDS Day Benefit Concert on Dec. 1st 2011. I am surprised to get a full video of the whole song and am grateful for it.

Enjoy by clicking on this web address to see it:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ASL Choir for World AIDS Day Benefit Concert Video and Picture

I and my participants in the ASL Choir performed John Lennon's "Imagine" song in American Sign Language" for World AIDS Day Benefit Concert at Hochstein School of Music downtown rochester on December 1st 2011. David McLuckie sang the song with a piano while we translated the song on stage. I have had a great experience directing the Choir and it was something that will be remembered for a long time.

Here is the hyperlink for you to click on to see a video clip of the performance:

Shall we remember the AIDS/HIV victims with warmth, compassion, and respect in the name of peace, love, and honor.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

ASL Choir Rehearsal

Here is the ASL Choir rehearsal in the dance lab at NTID on Saturday. We signed in ASL along "Imagine" by John Lennon. Singer David McLuckie sang with the piano (off the video). If you want to go see our performance and other performers, go support World AIDS Day Benefit Concert at Hochestein School of Music on 50 Plymouth Avenue on Dec 1st starting at 7 PM.

Here is the YouTube video of the rehearsal. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Bones" Performance for Rochester Poets Walk at Memorial Art Gallery

On November 13th 2011, I performed my poem titled "Bones" in ASL (American Sign Language) at the Memorial Art Gallery for the Rochester Poets Walk (engraved poems in sidewalk on University Avenue and web page with audios/videos of poetry). The Rochester Poets Walk will be constructed next year for ArtWalk Extension project next year. Peter Cook/Kenny Lerner of the Flying Words Project, Patrick Graybill's "Reflection", Robert F. Panara's "On His Deafness", Ella Mae Lentz's "The Doors" are also selected as ASL poets. Local hearing poets such as Bobby Johnson, Grace Flores, Lori Nalesco, Patricia Schwartz, Reena Golden, and many more got their work accepted. Also, well-known poets are included that were part of Rochester, NY, and Buffalo, NY area such as Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Lucinda Cliffton, John Asbury, Robert Creely, and many more. I was very honored to be part of this whole Rochester Poets Walk along those other great poets.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Performing "Bones" at Memorial Art Gallery

I will perform my ASL poem titled "Bones" at the Memorial Art Gallery this Sunday. Memorial Art Gallery is presenting Poets Walk Rochester:MAG Reading from 2-5:30 PM on Sunday, November 13th. Other poets will read their work. Deaf poets Peter Cook and Robert F. Panara will be shown in video. Another deaf poet, Patrick Graybill, will perform there as well. My "Bones' video got accepted by the City of Rochester, the mayor, and the Arts of Rochester to be displayed next year when ArtWalk Extension project gets completed on the streets of University Avenue and Goodman Street (art benches, sculptures, and etc).

Poetry Performance at the Armory

I will be performing two poems in ASL along my electronic music at the Amory downtown Rochester. The event is called the Art at the Armory: The Show. It will be open from 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 12th till 6:00 PM on Sunday, November 13th. I will perform on this Saturday at one of the time slot available for me. Other poets/performers/musicians will perform there as well. I will perform "Nightlife" and "Blade Grey Sky".

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lecture at University of Rochester

I will lecture about my visual arts and poetry at University of Rochester on October 4th . I will show photos of my art via a projector, connected to iPhoto in my Mac laptop. I will also show a video under Deaf Art/Deaf Artists from Rochester Institute of Technology Wallace Library's data via the Internet, which will show me discussing about my artwork, show my art being displayed in a gallery, and talk about how to survive as an artist. I will then perform one ASL poem titled "An Amazon" with original composed electronic music and original video, all together at the same time. This lecture is for University of Rochester's ASL class. This will educate the students upon the use of ASL in work places or as a means of survival in the real world, as I understand it. This will be an interesting experience and shall look forward to the fun.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Bones" Video for Poets Walk Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts

I would like to proudly say that my "Bones", an ASL poem in a video, is confirmed and will be presented for the Poets Walk for the Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts related to ArtWalk Extension project (new sidewalk and streets with sculptures, benches, and etc) along Goodman St., University Avenue area downtown Rochester sometimes next year. Here is a note from Paul Way, ArtWalk Extension Manager:

It is my please to forward to you the attached letter from Rochester Mayor Thomas S. Richards. The letter notifies you that a poem you submitted has been chosen to be included in Poets Walk in Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts. Congratulations!

Please take a few minutes to review the poem you submitted and the bio on the Democrat & Chronicle’s ArtDrop website:

I also encourage you to participate in a celebratory Poets Walk Poetry Reading to be held on Sunday, November 13th from 2:00 to 5:00 at the Memorial Art Gallery.

I join the Mayor in thanking you for your contribution to Poets Walk. Below is a list of all the chosen poets and their poems.


Paul Way

City of Rochester

Art Walk Extension Project Manager

Friday, August 12, 2011

2 Gay-Themed Computer Generated Images

This summer, I played around with PhotoShop and Illustrator software in my Mac computer to create 2 gay-themed images for fun. First is "Proud Eddie"and the 2nd one is "Angel Dude". The first one was created using both, Illustrator and PhotoShop. I created curved lines of a body in Illustrator. I also used an image of the skyscrapers and used Illustrator's "Live Paint" effect, which reduced the details of the skyscrapers and only made them black and white in high contrast. I then imported the linear curved lines of the body and the "Live Paint" skyscrapers into PhotoShop. I then added a face of myself and put that on top of the body. I put the skyscrapers behind me. After that, I used PhotoShop's special effects for colors, shades, warps, and etc. Took a while for me to figure out how to make the figure of myself and the skyscrapers become distinguishable. The effort was done as best as I could to make that work. The image of an angel dude is actually a statue at the American Portraits Museum in Washington, D.C. I got rid of the background and manipulated the statue with PhotoShop's special effects to make it look like it's flying. The only challenge was the face, which turned out not so crisped clear. Tried several ways to solve that, but I decided to leave it that way, figuring that it is flying away from us and should be hard to see up in the air anyways.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Science Poetry Cover Design Completed and My Poem In the Publication

I received a jpeg image of the new book cover of "Science Poetry", which will have my "New Ways" poem published in the book very soon. The publication is located in Ontario, Canada. Such a beautiful design.

Here is the poem that will be in the book:

"New Ways"

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.

I feel like an android, ready to hum into life.

Hear strange white noise of a new refrigerator, a science fiction sound effect.

Sunlight beams down to a polished wood floor,

Miraculous light heading toward the future.

New ways, new ways,

My insights are turning into reality

Like holograms finally becoming possible.

See two new modern blue bar lights

Glowing above a new bar table,

A 21st Century blue-eyed child

Looking into the future.

New ways, new ways,

New Mac laptop stirs into life

With its radiating phosphorescent light,

Playing its electronic violin sweetly.

Walk through a new space of the place

Like exploring through the tunnel into the future.

New small magical cell phone

Beeps its ethereal sounds,

"Star Trek"-like gadget that kisses my digital hearing aids.

New fancy video-phone comes into life in my living room,

A journey through cybernetic landscapes.

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.

Friday, June 10, 2011

DeadMau5 Head Piece Design Contest

I submitted this design for a well-known Canadian DJ called DeadMau5, an electronic music genre. He, the DJ, usually wears Micky Mouse-alike head pieces while he plays his electronic music on stage. A DeadMau5 website posted a contest for anyone to join and come up with a design on DeadMau5's head piece. If a person wins the contest, the DJ will wear the head piece that the winner designed. The winner also would get 2 free ticket to see DeadMau5 concert in LA plus free trip as well.

I wanted DeadMau5's head piece to have its ears and eyes all lit up in rainbow, which is a message upon respect toward diversity and freedom. I also wanted the words reading, "Love, Peace, and Harmony" in red LEDs in the mouth area. The rainbow lights would blink or animate. The ears would have the rainbow go up or down. The eyes would have the rainbow swirling in circles constantly. The head piece, itself, could be shiny black plastic or silver chrome, either one. I shall see whether I win or not. Let's wait and see. The announcement of the winner will be sometimes in the middle of July or end of July.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIT NEACUHO ASL Poetry Successs

The performance for RIT's NEACUHO conference went very well. CJ, Ariel, Joe Fox, Conrad, Chrissie, and myself did ASL poetry, storytelling, and signing to songs. Did my 3 original poems in ASL and went smoothly. The rest of the performers did great. Had nice dinner afterwards. Then we presented a workshop at the Global Village area at RIT. The workshop was great fun. Enjoy the photos of the event.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

ASL Poetry for RIT's NEACUHO

I and a few other performers will present ASL poetry and skits for Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) NEACUHO - North East region of the Association of College and University Housing Officers on June 8th, 6:00 PM. It's an Annual Conference full of opportunities for professional development, networking and reconnecting with colleagues, as well as entertaining activities that will assist them in reflecting and rejuvenating.The social workers from mostly northern regions of United States will attend the three days conference on campus. RIT came up with an idea of exposing them the sole existence of deaf culture on RIT campus where NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) is under. I will perform my 3 original poems in ASL and others will do famous poets' classic poems, sign along songs, and do traditional A,B,C and numbers ASL storytelling. After the banquet, we all will present a workshop on hand shapes and other ASL-related issues.

There are 3 videos of my ASL poetry performance that I will present on June 8th: "Angel's Suicide", "Money", and "Bones". There are also 3 videos of Joe Fox, who also will perform, doing his ASL skit signing along Josh Groban's "To Be Loved" song, his original poem titled "13" and A,B.C sign language titled "Callie Lee Fox". There are other performers' videos, which you have to click on "Click Here to Watch" under 4 more items are available.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ASL Poetry Performance at Delilah's

I performed my ASL poems at Delilah's downtown Ithaca, NY on May 15th. I presented some of my work in spoken words and sign language simultaneously, some in pure ASL without a voice, and some along my original composed electronic music. Other performers performed there, who are singers and musicians: Luane Davis Haggerty, Jai, Susan, and Rose. They were great performers. I received a very positive response from the audience, even though I screwed up a spoken-English poem/sign language translation of Allen Ginsberg's "Holy" poem. I was even paid to perform and didn't expect that, and I and the performers received a half priced dinner at Delilah's. That was a great treat. Delilah's is a cool place to perform, set up as a club with tables/chairs around the room with food/drinks served.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Performance at Delilah's, Ithaca NY with Luane Davis Haggerty

On May 15th, I will perform my ASL poetry and use ASL along some songs that Luane Davis Haggerty will sing at Delilah's in Ithaca, NY. Luane Davis Haggerty, a renown singer, theatre director, and actress, has been directing multiples of theatrical productions with deaf and hard of hearing cast and hearing cast, combing ASL and spoken words (ASL, the deaf/hard of hearing cast, spoken words, the hearing cast). She and Jonathan Fluck founded Interborough Repertory Theatre (IRT) in NY City back in the 80's. IRT still stands for over 20 years on Christopher Street. I had the privilege to act in several of Luane's theatrical productions since 1999 and learned the acting techniques, music, and singing from her. I am looking forward to perform my original poems in American Sign Language. I will also experiment, using ASL, on Allen Ginsberg's "Holy" poem that I love so much. I may also play some electronic music I created with my recorded voice in them and perform, using in ASL, along the electronic music.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Bones" Accepted for Rochester's Poets Walk

I was just informed that my poem titled "Bones", done in ASL (American Sign Language) in video, is accepted by the Rochester's Poets Walk selections committee. My "Bones" video will be shown as an interactive medium under the ASL Poetry category for the Rochester's Poets Walk project.

Here is a copied and pasted note:

The selections committee for Rochester’s Poets Walk wishes to heartily congratulate you on the choice of your video BONES for inclusion in the ASL Poetry category of this project. Poets Walk is an interactive sidewalk along University Avenue between North Goodman and Prince Streets that will honor poets past and present who have either lived in Rochester or who have close ties to this city. Poet’s Walk is part of the ArtWalk Extension Project, a collaboration between the City of Rochester, the Memorial Art Gallery, Writers & Books, and other area cultural organizations, and is supported by the NY State Department of Transportation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and by federal stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

You will be in good company, indeed, joining such poets as Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore,John Ashbery, and Lucille Clifton, as well as ASL poets like Robert F. Panara and Clayton Valli.

To read about the Rochester's Poets Walk project, go to this Democratic and Chronicle article:

Here is the video of "Bones" that got accepted for you to enjoy watching.

Here is an English-written "Bones" poem:

Curved bones

In pure enamel

Deep inside

The ears,

Sea shells sing

Ocean waves

In micro-size.



They should be


Organic ornaments opened

To absorb

The sounds.

Yet some are


The cracks


Cool, cut, crucify

Cacophonies’ magic.

The sounds



But beauty

Carries inside

Their ears.

Silence spreads smoothly.

Quiet as still water.

Calm as the moon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

John Roche, Myself and other Poets/Musicians at Bug Jar

To see the poster bigger, you need to click on the image.

On April 30th, from 5-8 Pm, John Roche (featured poet), myself and other poets plus musicians after John's reading will perform at Bug Jar downtown Rochester on 219 Monroe Ave. John Roche will read his work, then other poets will read their work afterwards. I, as one of the poets, will perform using sign language and spoken words simultaneously. I will do 2 or 3 poems during this event. I usually perform my work in pure ASL along my original composed electronic music with recorded voice, but in this event, I will only use sign language while I speak at the same time in front of the microphone. For this kind of performance approach, the sign language may not be completely in American Sign Language structure, but more in English-led format. It is not that easy to do pure ASL and voice the English-structured words simultaneously. Also, if it works out, I may have a bongo or percussion player play along one of my poem at this event. I am looking forward to this fun event.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Audience/Performers, ASL Poetry and Performance at Flying Squirrel Community Space

The top photo is the audience watching the show. The second one is Vicki Nordquist performing her ABC ASL skit. The third is Matt Scwhartz signing in ASL along a song.

Photo of Performers, Interpreters, and Owner for ASL Poetry and Performance at Flying Squirrel Community Space

On April 9th, four performers presented their ASL work at the Flying Squirrel Community Space downtown Rochester. Vicki Nordquist performed her ABC ASL sign language skits, Susan Smith performed "The Flood" from Vagina Monologue, one of her daughter's poem titled "Modern Day Media" and her own titled "True Love". Matt Schwartz performed one song (can't remember what is the name of song) and also performed with his high school student, Taylor Rodwell, along Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" song. I, Eddie Swayze, performed his 3 poems/electronic music pieces: "Blade Grey Sky", "Every Man for Himself", and "Night Life". Chad Edmonds, Dawn Zuppelli, and I voiced Susan's and Vicki's work. Dawn Zuppelli, the owner of Flying Squirrel Community, allowed me to provide this great ASL Poetry and Performance show at her facility. The crowd was great in almost full capacity, and I didn't expect that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

ASL Poetry and Performance at Flying Squirrel Community Space

On April 9th, four deaf and hard of hearing poets/performers will present their work at the Flying Squirrel Community Space. They are Vicki Nordquist, a well-respected comedian/actress/mime performer/performing artist/theatre director in Rochester, Matt Schwartz, a former renown drag queen performer in Rochester and a signing-to-song performer, Susan Smith, a skilled ASL poet, and Eddie Swayze, an ASL poet with original composed electronic music, actor, performing artist, and visual artist. These performers will be voice-interpreted for the audience who do not know American Sign Language. This is made possible by ASL Poetry Society (Facebook group) and in support by the Flying Squirrel Community Space downtown Rochester, an unique space that fosters and supports artists and performers. The show will start at 7 PM and it is free to the public. This performance event gives the Rochester community an opportunity to get exposed to the deaf and hard of hearing artists' ASL work and gain appreciation upon the beauty of American Sign Language as a language that can be used for creative purposes such as poetry, theatrical productions, and so forth.

Come on down and see what the performers have to offer, their unique and creative work, all presented with the use of American Sign Language (ASL).

Friday, March 4, 2011

ASL Poetry at Flying Squirrel Community

The Flying Squirrel Community located on 285 Clarissa Street, Rochester, NY just approved my proposal to present an ASL poetry show with deaf/hard of hearing performers. This event will happen on April 9th at 7 PM, free to the public. I am currently seeking for performers and interpreters. Flying Squirrel Community is a place that provides a welcoming space that will cultivate and sustain long lasting relationships between artists, activists, and community members in Rochester so that we may work together to create positive social change.

I will keep you all posted on the progress of this exciting plan.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Videos of Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 3

I received a website with videos of Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 3 for you to see. The videos show deaf/hard of hearing and hearing poets/performers doing their stuff at Lovin' Cup on Januaray 22nd, 2011. The show turned out a success with good crowd. I would like to thank Paulette Swartzfager for video-taping and uploading them into the website.

Here is the website address, high-lighted, for you to click on and see the videos.

Vicki Nordquist, Jeremy Quiorga, three NTID students (Edgar, Jojo, and Holly), Matt Schwartz, and myself - Eddie Swayze- performed American Sign Language poetry or performances. John Roche, Lori Nolasco, Paulette Swartzfager, Grace Flores and more hearing poets/performers read their work in English. Lastly, Luane Davis Haggerty presented an activity and encouraged many to do the hand-shape group participation.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 3 Flyer

I and John Roche, RIT Liberal Arts professor, are setting up another hearing and deaf/hard of hearing poetry/performing arts show at Lovin' Cup as our third year. I and John completed our search for the performers and they are listed on the flyer. I completed the flyer design and here it is for you to see. In order to read the performers' names, you will need to click on the image of the flyer and it will become bigger for you to read their names. This event will happen on January 22nd from 2 to 4:30 PM, free to the public.

The show will consist of hearing and deaf/hard of hearing poets/performers taking turns on stage, entertaining the audience the hearing world's English poetry/performance work and the deaf world's American Sign Language (ASL) poetry/performance work. There will be deaf/hard of hearing NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) students, well-known local deaf/hard of hearing poets/performers, hearing RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) students, and well-known local hearing poets/performers. John Roche will read his work. I, Eddie Swayze, will perform his original composed electronic music/recorded poems in American Sign Language.

Come on down and see the show and spread the word.