Thursday, February 27, 2014

Over $230.00 Made: GoFundMe.Com: DJ Device

I am happy that I reached the goal toward the amount I want in order to be able to purchase the DJ device called DJ Numark Mixture 2 device. I shall thank the donors who put the amounts toward my goal.

Meanwhile, this does not mean the donations are over. GoFundMe.Com allows the amount to go higher with more donations without limitations. Henceforth, you can still donate in however much amount you want. That would be much appreciated with gratitude. To donate, click on the hyperlink of GoFundMe.Com:

As I see that I got up to 240 bucks with the $10.00 extra, I am to ponder over the idea of looking into the PA speakers that can go with the DJ device I want. I will go to Guitar Center next week and look at the PA speakers. Once chosen, I will inform the exact cost of the speakers and re-new the goal very soon.

All in all, I am pleased to be able to reach the goal toward the DJ device. Again, I thank the people who donated.

May my dream become true so that I will be called DJ WildPoet very soon.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

GoFundMe.Com Donation: DJ/Performance Arts Career

I am currently on GoFund.Com to request for a donation toward a DJ device called Numark 2 Mixtrack  DJ Software Controller. The goal is to reach up to $320.00 to enable me to purchase the device. I have a strong desire to use this DJ device for performing my American Sign Language (ASL) poetry work that already have electronic music. I would be DJ-ing many of my non-spoken words (instrumental) electronic music as well and also just be a regular DJ by playing famous musicians' work for parties, weddings, and so forth. The point of purchasing the Numark DJ device is to go beyond the normal music playing schemes, meaning being able to create wild soundscape effects such as increasing or slowing the beat, creating scratching sounds, repeating the tracks, and many other tricks. These sound manipulation apparatus could enhance my performance skills, and make my performance much more entertaining and interesting.

Here is my GoFund.Com site address in hyperlink for you to click on in order to see my notes, videos, and picture of the DJ device:

Here is a photo of Numark 2 Mixtrack DJ Software Controller.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Success of Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 6

On February 15th Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 6 presented deaf/hard of hearing and hearing performers at Lovin Cup. The turn out of the audience was packed. This is the 6th year event that provides two cultural worlds: the deaf world and the hearing world. Deaf/hard of hearing and hearing performers took turns on stage, which English spoken words and American Sign Language (ASL) were available. This is an unique performance arts that occur once a year. John Roche, a poet and professor under RIT's Liberal Arts program, and I (Eddie Swayze) coordinated this extravaganza.

Besides the show, DEAAF (Deaf Education and the Arts for African Families) was there to encourage the audience to donate that would help the deaf/hard of hearing children get the education that they need, which is located in Zambia, Africa. Jonathan Rosenfield, one member of DEAAF, stood on stage and explained what DEAAF is about to the audience and took care of the suggested donation among the audience during the show. The donation result is almost $200.00, which will go toward books, pencils, shoes, and other supplies at the school for the deaf/hard of hearing children.

I shall thank the owner of Lovin Cup for providing the performance space for free for 6 years. I shall tip my hat to two interpreters who voiced the deaf/hard of hearing's work into English for the hearing audience and translated the hearing's work into ASL for the deaf/hard of hearing audience: Miriam Lerner and Denise Herrera. All in all, the performers were fantastic and they are: The deaf/hard of hearing - Hinda Kasher, Eric Epstein, Vicki Nordquist, and yes, myself as well, and the hearing - Paulette Scwartfgazer, Kitty Jopse', Nick Eckrerson, Catherine Faurot, and yes, John Roche, too. 

Here are the photos of the event.

Miriam Lerner (interpreter) and Paulette Scwartfgazer 

A packed crowd

Vicki Nordquist

John Roche

Denise Herrera (interpreter)

Hinda Kasher

Eric Epstein

The owner asked me to sign my name on Lovin Cup's wall as a "Hall of Fame".

John Roche, Miriam Lerner and Kenny Lerner chit chatting after the show.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 6

You can click on the image above to get it bigger and easier to read.

John Roche, RIT professor under Liberal Arts program, and Eddie Swayze, myself, will present an unique poetry, storytelling, and performance arts by the deaf/hard of hearing and the hearing at Lovin Cup on February 15th, free to the public. I plus three other deaf/hard of hearing performers will showcase our work: Vicki Nordquist, Hinda Kashner, and Eric Epstein. John Roche will present the hearing performers: himself, Paulette Scwartzager, Lori Nalasco, Nate Taylor, Nick Eckerson, Catherine Faurot, and Kitty Jospe'. This combined deaf world and hearing world performance event will last for 2 hours, 2-4 PM. Two interpreters: Miriam Lerner and Denise Herrara will provide access to hearing audience along American Sign Language (ASL) by the deaf performers and to the deaf/hard of hearing audience along spoken English by the hearing performers. This is a 6th year of the event. 

Also, Deaf Education and the Arts for African Families (DEAAF) will be there to ask for donations and provide information about their non-for-profit organization. DEAAF is a program that provides funding and support toward deaf and hard of hearing African children get the education and other things that they need in Africa.