Monday, December 15, 2014

DJ Performances in January 2015

I am psyched to DJ as DJ WildPoet next year in the year 2015 during the month of January. I was requested by a well-respected DJ named Riley Beats to do the skits for his every Thursday DJ shows titled Soiree. I will DJ there at 7 PM on January 8th. It is located in the Penguin Ballroom on 389 Gregory St. in Rochester, NY. The Soiree DJ events are free but encourages suggested donations plus pizzas, soft drinks/bottles of water, and glow sticks for sale (to support the cost of the space). Several people play hoops there besides just dancing. It's a fun place to hang out and really friendly atmosphere. I will play my own original composed electronic music plus some famous musicians' work, back and forth, or both together (synched tracks). I will translate some of the words in the music into ASL (American Sign Language) as well. Here is a picture of a real nice ballroom that I will perform in.

On January 19th, I will DJ for The Rochester Community Players (Shakespeare plays) at the German House on 315 Gregory St, only a block from where Soiree DJ events takes place. The president of the Rochester Community Players, Peter Scribner, requested me to do the skits for their 90th Anniversary.

Here is a photo of the film that the Rochester Community Players will show, which means I will do the DJ during the warm-up as audience comes in and then do more after the movie ends.

Here is a detailed information about the 90th Anniversary below:

90th Anniversary Celebration!
90TH ANNIVERSARY OF RCP’S FIRST PRODUCTION JANUARY 19, 2015 AT THE GERMAN HOUSE: We’re going back home: on Monday, January 19, 1925, an ambitious group of community theater enthusiasts presented the first performance of the Rochester Community Players, Wedding Bells, on the stage of the United German Societies of Rochester. We return to the scene of the crime, so to speak, with a celebration Monday, January 19, 2015 at the historic German House, 315 Gregory Street. 

FEATURED PROGRAM: We will be screening 'our movie', the 1927 silent motion picture created by the Rochester Community Players, Fly Low Jack and the Game. This 30 minute film was seen by 750,000 people in 1927-28, as Eastman Kodak Company showed it all around the country, as an example of amateurs creating their own 'photoplay'. Mike Champlain of DeBergerac Productions has carefully restored the original footage, shown recently at the High Falls Film Festival, and will show the movie at our celebration on January 19 (the title card for the film, shown above, is courtesy of DeBergerac Productions).
Cost: $20, and half price for anyone under 30. If you are an RCP veteran, we would love to talk with you! Call Peter Scribner at 585-261-6461, or email him at scribnerpeter (at) gmail (dot) com.