Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 Poems Accepted into GLBT Edition

I am just informed that my 3 poems are accepted to be published in ImageOut's (annual glbt film festival in Rochester, NY) first annual edition of ImageOutWrite. My poems and other glbt poets/writers' work will be published this October. 

Here are the 3 poems that will be in the publication:

"Rainbow Wings"

For thousands of years,
They hid in cocoons.
Couldn't spread their wings.
Couldn't even fly.

Slept in the dark
Like cities without sun,
Dormant without dreams,
Ice-cold for years.
Snow hugged their cocoons.

They pushed their walls
Though difficult to do.
Some ripped them 
But too few.
Some slipped into the light
But cruel society mocked them.
They slipped back into their cocoons.

Then one summer year,
They had enough.
They ripped their cocoons into shreds.
Threw stones and bottles. Set the streets on fire.
Flapped their wings in rainbows and
Blew cruelty away.

Years came by,
Many cocoons thawed and opened.
Many of them spread their wings and ascended into the air.
They tasted freedom, the delicious fruits, and
Savored them all, sweet with great boon.

Yet they looked back over their shoulders and
Remembered the others
Who couldn't come out.
They pondered upon sheer suffering,
Then turned their heads back in front of themselves and
Dreamed for the better.

They flapped their rainbow wings through the societies
Though hard work against great challenges.
They twisted the nuts and bolts to play
However nasty the tasks had to be.
They refused to surrender,
For they wished upon the better for the future generations.
They painted the rainbows on the future generations' wings
And said, "Shall your wings flap stronger in brighter rainbows for many years to come."

"Kiss Him For Me"

My wishful dream
Popped alive
Like pink champagne bubbles.
They floated wild upon the air,
Tingling my scalp beneath my hair.
I looked at a fine sculptured dude
And became mesmerized by his sheer beauty:
The way he stood, the way his eyes glistened,
The way he smiled,
In all that bursted my heart into bubbles.
Yet to seethe for a kiss
Became too hard to buy
When romance didn't arise.
In a mirror, standing in front of me,
He was embedded in the reflective glass.

In my fantasy, I could walk into the mirror
And explore him deep and through
Yet the glass became solid and barred my way.
Nothing could take me, take me, take me in.
I said, "Kiss him for me. I'll find another one later."

I'm laughing at the champagne bubbles floating around,
A total nonsense, all in pink,
Too far from the reality.
It's just a tease for no good in the blue.
A new party dream shall flow into another day or night
Where possibilities could arise.
I shall dance away and head forwardly.
Again, I said to the mirror where this distant dude stood,
"Kiss him for me. I'll find another one later.
Kiss him for me! Kiss him for me!"


                Boot up! 
                Gaze into the photon lights and open the program. Dive into the metaverse, then you see a glowing avatar: lovely and handsome, dressed in a neon-blue three-piece suit with perfect groomed plastic black hair and precise wedge-shaped plastic face. He's standing on the steel street. Bright acid violet beams glow along the streets. Blade-gray sky looms thick above him. Look at that young dude. Gorgeous as heaven, isn't he? Oooh, ahhh! Look at how he stands in his pair of neat black shoes. Oooh, ahhh! See how his v-shaped torso entices your eyes powerfully. Soon he notices you; his silicon neon-blue eyes allure you.You can feel it; he's sucking you toward him, an electronic vampire. You're standing so close to him.
                "Would you like to go out  with me tonight?" he asks you.
                You say, "Oh, yeah."
                He walks toward a three-dimensional black box. Pink Avant Garde font type neon light blinks on and off on top. It reads "Pink Flamingos". 
                The man's activated cracking voice flirts with you, "I love your smile!"
                You smile back with your gleeful eyes. Oooh, ahhh! Look at his 3-D-rendered baby face. Oooh, ahhh! Look at his digitized watermelon-shaped butt. Oooh, ahhh! See how it snuggles into his blue pants: perfect, smooth, and nicely firm.You and the lad enter the black box. Inside it's a cyber nightclub.
                "Hey, it's party time! It's party time!" he says.
                Many half nude sexy men shake their firm asses on the pulsating electronic floor, flirtatious and suave. Oooh, ahhh! Look at their muscles twitching and contracting. Oooh, ahhh! They turn you on into fire! 
                The man softly whispers into your ear, "Ready to dance?"
                You say, "Yeah."
                He guides you to the dancing floor, and begins to wriggle and writhe.You start along, flirting back with your eyes. My God, my God, my God, my God, I'm going crazy! Move it! Don't stop! Oooh, ahhh! His ass flexes neatly. Oooh, ahhh! His arms flail in the air sexually. He unbuttons his shirt and magic explodes from his plastic chest. Look how it glows: smooth marble-white, smooth milky-white. You shake like a wild artificial peacock. Shake your highlighted colorful feathers skillfully! Move it! Groove it! Dance into rave! Rave into it! Rave into the techno trance! See how all the men move their bodies? See how he moves his body? Move your body just like their bodies! Oooh, ahhh! Sweat it out! Oooh, ahhh! Pump it out! Sweat covers your flesh like plastic sheets and plastic mask. Sweat trickles down on his sculptured chest and it glistens in the flashing lights. Sooth it! Smear it! Feel it! The sweat don't bother you, sexy like some hot melting wax. Wax it up!  Whip it good! Shake it up! Shoot it real quick! You and the man palpitate, penetrate, pump and pump, and lock and lick into each other.
                Your heart repeats into rapid gigabyte rhythms: fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire: hair-to-hair, bones-to-bones, and blood-to-blood. He licks your neck, vampire-like, and you scream in ecstasy. Oooh, ahhh! Feel his butt contract as he penetrates you over and over and over and over. Oooh, ahhh! See his whole muscles compress majestically again, again, again, again. God! God! God! God! You want more, more, more, more. Hot red lava spews up in the air! Hot red wine spills all over! Hot red humming birds flutter their wings! Hot red gas sizzles all through your body! Explode like a Big Bang, Big Bang, Big Bang, Big Bang! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Your heart ignites into fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire!
                Shut down!

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  1. Awesome!!! I love them all! When I read your first poem, I love how you incorporate the historical aspect of GLBT society from then to now. I've always been inspired by your work, thank you.