Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Goal to Become A DJ with

Here is a photo of the dj device and it's called Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller. I saw several YouTube videos of how this device is played and how it works. I have a good sense of how to play the device because I played around few trials of dj software online plus the experience of playing GarageBand, one CD dj machine that I had that didn't last long, playing Kaossilator and so forth. 

I used to have a single CD dj player machine, but it didn't last long and broke. I wasn't very happy with the thing at all anyway. I had to use iTune to create a music list to dj, hooked with my M-Audio speakers. I presented that way one time or another, but not much. Henceforth, I've been thinking about getting a real dj device for a while. Since the cost of getting the device can be prohibitive, I had to figure out a possible way to make my ability to purchase it a reality. I researched the devices that are available at Guitar Center in Rochester, NY online and found what I would like to look at and get. I will go look at the device at Guitar Center soon. Yet, it is $499.00 (plus tax), therefore, I will need the support of some kind to enable me to get this device. I discovered It is similar to, but it does not require to get exactly $500.00 goal to win, meaning that I could still get a check, let's say, at $400.00, and use that with the rest of my own money, as a saving the money procedure. So, I will get the feel of the real device at the store and get the full price. I will then video-tape myself to explain what I want to do, present my dj and performance skills (with GarageBand and Kaossilator for now) and what my goal would be. I will then post that on and get that out to the public for a fundraising effort. 

The main goal is to develop three approaches of performances with the dj device. The first idea is to create an ability to perform my original electronic music, mixed in the dj device. The other idea is to play my music with my spoken word poems in the device and translate the words into American Sign Language (as a performing artist). The third idea is to play the famous musicians' work by creating the cool effects and mixes in the device as a regular dj for parties, weddings, or whatever else. The three performance approaches will expand my creativity and skills.