Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5th Sci. Fi. Illustration for Ron L. Hubbart Contest

Click on this picture to see it bigger.

Here is my 5th science fiction illustration for the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest. I sketched this alien creature in a sketch book with only a pen. I then used the sketch drawing and re-drew it on a large yellow paper, using color pencils. As a surprise, it took one day to complete this work. Yet, I feel I need to work on the rocky hills and aliens' rocky huts behind the creature, for they are a little flat, and the footprints from the alien don't look like they are six-legged footsteps. Henceforth, I will do the touch-ups and eventually scan it and send it to the Ron L. Hubbard Writers and Illustrators Contest soon. 

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