Saturday, July 2, 2011

Science Poetry Cover Design Completed and My Poem In the Publication

I received a jpeg image of the new book cover of "Science Poetry", which will have my "New Ways" poem published in the book very soon. The publication is located in Ontario, Canada. Such a beautiful design.

Here is the poem that will be in the book:

"New Ways"

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.

I feel like an android, ready to hum into life.

Hear strange white noise of a new refrigerator, a science fiction sound effect.

Sunlight beams down to a polished wood floor,

Miraculous light heading toward the future.

New ways, new ways,

My insights are turning into reality

Like holograms finally becoming possible.

See two new modern blue bar lights

Glowing above a new bar table,

A 21st Century blue-eyed child

Looking into the future.

New ways, new ways,

New Mac laptop stirs into life

With its radiating phosphorescent light,

Playing its electronic violin sweetly.

Walk through a new space of the place

Like exploring through the tunnel into the future.

New small magical cell phone

Beeps its ethereal sounds,

"Star Trek"-like gadget that kisses my digital hearing aids.

New fancy video-phone comes into life in my living room,

A journey through cybernetic landscapes.

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.