Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Digital Photos for Online Marketing

I discovered an online photography marketing, meaning sell photos for a few bucks or more. As the fact, I don't expect to make a lot of money or go into instant fame. Just that I want to get my digital photo work out there as much as possible. I joined Foap and Adobe. I just uploaded into Adobe with only 4 pictures, but they are not ready to be submitted for approvals yet. I have many others that need higher resolutions and bigger sizes. 

Here are some of my digital photos that I will post into the online photo marketing. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, to see the pictures bigger, you need to click right on them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Orin, the Bad Dentist, Little Shop of Horrors

From April 26th to April 29th, I will act as a bad dentist Orin for Little Shop of Horrors production. The show will take place at MuCCC downtown Rochester. This production will have deaf/hard of hearing actors who will use American Sign Language (ASL) when acting the characters and singing the songs. As Orin, I will use ASL and my voicer, Azmeer, will speak and sing the whole Orin lines. Luane Davis Haggerty is the director of this production. I have been rehearsing lately and it has been really fun to act like an asshole man, Orin, the bad dentist, which isn't even my personality in real life. The songs and lines are hilarious. I even laughed when I began reading the lines and trying to memorize them. I even created really funny sign language in Orin's words. I am looking forward to performing at MuCCC.

Here is a poster with details.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

"Machines" Digital Collage

For two days, I had fun taking photos of machines or electronics around me in my apartment and out in hallways and other rooms in the apartment complex where I live. I manipulated 15 images of these technologies with awesome special effects available in PicsArt app. I then got all of them into Photo Editor, which I then put them all together into a collage. It was fun to play around and try things when doing the work. 

As the fact, I have always been fascinated with machines, electronics, LED displays, and so on since childhood days. I thought to myself by saying, "Why not take photos of them and make a collage of them in a computer with digital special effects?" Finally found the time to do that. 

Enjoy "Machines".

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Video of "Science Fiction" and "Transformed Selfies" in YouTube

I have been creating videos. I completed two of them. One is titled "Science Fiction" and the other is titled "Transformed Selfies".

"Science Fiction"shows artwork of extraterrestrials, spacecrafts, robots, and other sci-fi images. There is also an electronic music I created that plays strange science fiction or futuristic soundscapes. I have always love science fiction since childhood days and still do. Enjoy this video by clicking on the hyperlink below:


"Transformed Selfies" shows digital photos of myself that were manipulated with computer special effects. These self-portraits convey different characters of the person in the pictures. There is an electronic music that plays simple looped soundscapes. Similar to Cindy Scherman and Robert Mapplethorpe, these work are influenced by these two great photographers. Enjoy this video by clicking on the hyperlink below:


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam at Lovin Cup

On March 3rd, Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam took place at Lovin Cup. I as an MC and also a performer and John Roche, also an MC and performer, ran the show. Hearing poets/performers and deaf/hard of hearing poets/performers took turns on stage to present their work. Two great interpreters: Cindy Gilchrist and Denise Herrera spoke deaf/hard of hearing performers' work in English for the hearing audience who didn't know how to read American Sign Language and also interpreted the hearing performers' work in American Sign Language for the Deaf/hard of hearing audience who couldn't hear the spoken words too well. The interactions among the hearing and deaf worlds during the whole event created a sense of warmth, support, and understanding of one and another. This unique event only occurs every year and this year is the 9th year of the show. 

The Jam was a success with great packed crowd. The performers were: (hearing) Collen Powderly, Grace Flores, The Mental Graffiti, Miriam Lerner, Michael Czarneki, John Roche, Nick Eckerson, and Bart White; (deaf/hard of hearing) Dangerous Signs, RH ASL Choir, Matt Schwartz, Vicki Nodquist, Eric Epstein, and Eddie Swayze. 

This event was supported by RIT College of Liberal Arts, English Department, and NTID Interpreting Services as co-sponsors. 

Here are photos of the event.

 Eddie Swayze

 Dangerous Signs
 Matt Schwartz
 Miriam Lerner
 Colleen Powderly
John Roche

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam (9th year)

This is the 9th year of the poetry event titled Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam taking place at Lovin' Cup in Rochester, NY (Henrietta area near RIT/NTID campus). John Roche, former Liberal Arts faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology, and myself will lead this event. John is responsible for recruiting the hearing poets/performers and I'm responsible for recruiting the deaf/hard of hearing poets/performers. This event shows the two worlds performing along each other: the hearing culture and the deaf culture. English spoken words would be spoken by the hearing people and American Sign Language (ASL) would be used by deaf/hard of hearing people on the stage. Those performers will take turns to do their readings or skits. This unique event has been going on for 9 years. This show gets jammed with a big crowd as popular. Two interpreters will help along to translate the hearing performers' English poems into ASL and the deaf/hard of hearing performers' ASL into English - making this become total accessible for everyone. The 2 interpreters will be Cindy Gilchrist and Denise Herrera. 

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Besides being the MC, I and John will do the performances. The deaf/hard of hearing performers are Matt Schwarz and his high school students RH Sign Language Chorus, Vicki Nordquist, Eric Epstein, and Dangerous Signs. The hearing performers will be Grace Flores, Miriam Lerner, Bart White, Michael Czarnecki, Nick Eckerson, Collen Powderly, and Mental Graffitti.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

As Orin in Little Shop of Horrors

I am currently rehearsing as Orin, the bad dentist, in Little Shop of Horrors. The production is directed by Luane Davis Haggerty. I will act in this production at MuCCC (Multi-use Community Cultural Center) downtown Rochester, NY from April 26th to April 29th. I will use ASL (American Sign Language) while acting as Orin in this production. I am excited to act like a mean boyfriend to Audrey, hurting people's teeth, getting high with the gas, and dying - all in ridiculous and funny ways. After the performance at MuCCC, the production will go to Rochester's Geva Theatre in the summer either in June or July. 

"I'm your dentist and a success. Say ah. Say ah. Say ah. Now spit."

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