Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ASL Poetry Performance at Delilah's

I performed my ASL poems at Delilah's downtown Ithaca, NY on May 15th. I presented some of my work in spoken words and sign language simultaneously, some in pure ASL without a voice, and some along my original composed electronic music. Other performers performed there, who are singers and musicians: Luane Davis Haggerty, Jai, Susan, and Rose. They were great performers. I received a very positive response from the audience, even though I screwed up a spoken-English poem/sign language translation of Allen Ginsberg's "Holy" poem. I was even paid to perform and didn't expect that, and I and the performers received a half priced dinner at Delilah's. That was a great treat. Delilah's is a cool place to perform, set up as a club with tables/chairs around the room with food/drinks served.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Performance at Delilah's, Ithaca NY with Luane Davis Haggerty

On May 15th, I will perform my ASL poetry and use ASL along some songs that Luane Davis Haggerty will sing at Delilah's in Ithaca, NY. Luane Davis Haggerty, a renown singer, theatre director, and actress, has been directing multiples of theatrical productions with deaf and hard of hearing cast and hearing cast, combing ASL and spoken words (ASL, the deaf/hard of hearing cast, spoken words, the hearing cast). She and Jonathan Fluck founded Interborough Repertory Theatre (IRT) in NY City back in the 80's. IRT still stands for over 20 years on Christopher Street. I had the privilege to act in several of Luane's theatrical productions since 1999 and learned the acting techniques, music, and singing from her. I am looking forward to perform my original poems in American Sign Language. I will also experiment, using ASL, on Allen Ginsberg's "Holy" poem that I love so much. I may also play some electronic music I created with my recorded voice in them and perform, using in ASL, along the electronic music.