Wednesday, October 20, 2010

World AIDS Day Benefit Concert

Click on the flyer to see it much bigger.

I joined the committee of World AIDS Day Benefit Concert. I have been going to their meetings and helping them spread the word by posting flyers on Facebook, e-mails as attachments, and posting them on walls, looking for organizations to help donate or contribute, and etc.

Meanwhile, I and at least 2 or 3 other deaf or hard of hearing poets or storytellers will perform in ASL that relate to AIDS or HIV issues on December 1st at the Hochestein Performance Hall. Other performers such as dancers, singers, and speakers will present their skits as well. December 1st is an annual World AIDS Day.

Thomas Warfield, dancer/singer/educator, is leading this event. It is also World AIDS Day Benefit Concert's 10th anniversary.

If any of you are interested in purchasing the tickets or contributing to the event as volunteers or other activities, or donating tax-deductible, you can go to or send to WAD/PeaceArt, P.O. Box 40028, Rochester, NY 14604. The details are on the flyer, uploaded above, in this blog.

As time goes on, I will inform you who the deaf/hard of hearing poets/storytellers and other performers would be. This is an exciting and good cause performing arts, and I am looking forward to this unique event.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Poems Will Be Published in Canada

Two of my poems got accepted and will be published in an anthology of poetry on science based themes. Neil Harding McAlister, an editor, said, "We are pleased to advise you that we would like to print some of your work in the forthcoming collection, Science


". This publication is in
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. It will be my very first paid poetry publication ever.

Here are my two poems that will be published in Canada.

Every Man For Himself

Ethereal lights sparkle our eyes into glass-like ecstasy.

Entranced into romance upon technological pride.

Every man, every man for himself.

Zoom head on up to the ultimate.

Majestic silver and gold cities glimmer diamond-like everywhere.

Sweet sugar-coated America juice up our veins.

Fast-paced automations dance in every corner like mechanical children from

neon-lit science fiction tales.

Every man, every man for himself.

Colorful heaven-like lights turn into rainbow halos above our heads.

Head in here and head out there, multiples of places for us to go in great speed

Like electrical currents zapping through circuits and wires.

Every man, every man for himself.

Feel the chilled minimalism, steel-laden, painted in acid-white from fluorescent lights.

Chill our hearts like cold rubber android lips.

Drink some cold liquid with neon-reflected ice cubes at technological-flavored nightclubs.

Bright candy-colored computer screens hug our bodies in empty cocoons.

Every man, every man for himself.

"New Ways"

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.

I feel like an android, ready to hum into life.

Hear a strange white noise of a new refrigerator, a science fiction sound effect.

Sunlight beams down to the polished wood floor,

Miraculous light heading toward the future.

New ways, new ways,

My insights are turning into reality

Like holograms finally becoming possible.

See two new modern blue bar lights

Glowing above a new bar table,

A 21st Century blue-eyed child

Looking at the future.

New ways, new ways,

New Mac laptop stirs into life

With its radiating phosphorescent light,

Playing its electronic violin sweetly.

Walk through a new space of the place

Like exploring through the tunnel into the future.

New small magical electronic device

Beeps its ethereal sounds,

"Star Trek"-like gadget that kisses my digital hearing aids.

New fancy video-phone comes into life in my living room,

A journey through cybernetic landscapes.

New ways, new ways,

My mind is charged in wires.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My poem titled "Brown Liquid" is finally published in Forge for this fall. It's about alcoholism and it is a powerful piece.

To read the poem, click on Forge's website address:

Once you're on Forge's site, scroll down until you see my name and the title of the poem. Click on that and it will take you to my poem.

I am honored to have my work published in Forge along with other great poets/writers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Black Mountain North Symposium

This photo shows two videos of Black Mountain College during the time when the college was going on - a documentary. The college was an experimental place for students/teachers to try things out, do things never done before, and so forth during the 30's up to the late 50's. Below are artwork done by Black Mountain students/faculty back then.

Meanwhile, my multi-media ASL poetry performance went well except some computer technical difficulty quips, but went back on track, and the audience responded to my work positively.

Meanwhile, I was video-taped during my performance at the Innovation Center and I am hoping to get the video sent or given to me, then I could upload it on this blog, Facebook, my YouTube site, and use it for promo.