Friday, June 10, 2011

DeadMau5 Head Piece Design Contest

I submitted this design for a well-known Canadian DJ called DeadMau5, an electronic music genre. He, the DJ, usually wears Micky Mouse-alike head pieces while he plays his electronic music on stage. A DeadMau5 website posted a contest for anyone to join and come up with a design on DeadMau5's head piece. If a person wins the contest, the DJ will wear the head piece that the winner designed. The winner also would get 2 free ticket to see DeadMau5 concert in LA plus free trip as well.

I wanted DeadMau5's head piece to have its ears and eyes all lit up in rainbow, which is a message upon respect toward diversity and freedom. I also wanted the words reading, "Love, Peace, and Harmony" in red LEDs in the mouth area. The rainbow lights would blink or animate. The ears would have the rainbow go up or down. The eyes would have the rainbow swirling in circles constantly. The head piece, itself, could be shiny black plastic or silver chrome, either one. I shall see whether I win or not. Let's wait and see. The announcement of the winner will be sometimes in the middle of July or end of July.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIT NEACUHO ASL Poetry Successs

The performance for RIT's NEACUHO conference went very well. CJ, Ariel, Joe Fox, Conrad, Chrissie, and myself did ASL poetry, storytelling, and signing to songs. Did my 3 original poems in ASL and went smoothly. The rest of the performers did great. Had nice dinner afterwards. Then we presented a workshop at the Global Village area at RIT. The workshop was great fun. Enjoy the photos of the event.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

ASL Poetry for RIT's NEACUHO

I and a few other performers will present ASL poetry and skits for Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) NEACUHO - North East region of the Association of College and University Housing Officers on June 8th, 6:00 PM. It's an Annual Conference full of opportunities for professional development, networking and reconnecting with colleagues, as well as entertaining activities that will assist them in reflecting and rejuvenating.The social workers from mostly northern regions of United States will attend the three days conference on campus. RIT came up with an idea of exposing them the sole existence of deaf culture on RIT campus where NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) is under. I will perform my 3 original poems in ASL and others will do famous poets' classic poems, sign along songs, and do traditional A,B,C and numbers ASL storytelling. After the banquet, we all will present a workshop on hand shapes and other ASL-related issues.

There are 3 videos of my ASL poetry performance that I will present on June 8th: "Angel's Suicide", "Money", and "Bones". There are also 3 videos of Joe Fox, who also will perform, doing his ASL skit signing along Josh Groban's "To Be Loved" song, his original poem titled "13" and A,B.C sign language titled "Callie Lee Fox". There are other performers' videos, which you have to click on "Click Here to Watch" under 4 more items are available.