Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dangerous Signs Photos at the Deaf Festival

Here are great photos of my and 3 other guys' performances in our titled performance group, Dangerous Signs, taken at the Deaf Festival, 2012. The performers are Eddie Swayze (myself), Troy Chapman, Nic Shaw, and Joseph Fox. Interesting enough, there were so many comments on Facebook of our performances that they had to be scrolled down to read them all. I am to interpret that Dangerous Signs turned out popular from all those positive responses on Facebook, which is a good thing. Since I brought up the idea of presenting Dangerous Signs to the Deaf Festival this year, Luane Davis Haggerty (director/voicer/performer) thanked this great idea and should do it again next year. Deaf Festival will take place at the Genesee Park as a better, bigger place and its 5th year by then. We will strive to continue, grow, and pursue as a touring group down the road.

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