Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AMCE Recording Studio

I went to a recording studio called AMCE in Rochester, NY on April 23rd. I sat down with a person there to discuss the details of how to transfer my work into their devices in order to make it become better qualities. They have ProTool software that can take in my MP3 audio of my electronic music and electronic music with spoken word poems, then enhance them into higher qualities. They also have a special high-tech CD-recording machine that can burn my electronic music and insert them into good jewel cases. They also can accept artwork made by myself or anyone in JPEG or PDF files and insert the cover, back, and inside pages. 

It is my goal to submit this project to Kickstarter and reach a goal up to $1,250.00. If I do reach the goal, then the costs will be covered to do the recording and CD-making process. Once 100 CDs are all completed, then I would have them available for sale during my performances at venues in the near future. 

Henceforth, I will post this project into Kickstarter soon and will acknowledge you upon its availability online, then roll up my sleeves to get friends, family, colleagues, and others to help me reach the goal.

Here is a photo of AMCE's recording console. It's an awesome high-tech device and amazing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lori Nalasco and Eddie Swayze at Barnes and Nobles

On May 9th, a well-respected Spanish poet/singer, Lori Nolasco, will be reading her work in Spanish and English. She also has some poems that convey the message about deafness and the Deaf culture, which she will perform to the audience. She is also known to sing very well. Eddie Swayze (myself) will perform ASL poems and some spoken words with sign language at the same time. He will also play a few poems with his original electronic music.

This is an idea upon cultural languages: Spanish and the deaf/hard of hearing's ASL (America Sign Language). An interpreter will be there, who can interpret Spanish and ASL, both, which can become unique and rare for the audience to see. The interpreter will be Denise Herrera. She has interpreted for Def Meets Deaf Poetry Jam 4 and 5 at Loving Cup. Henceforth, the Spanish poetry and ASL poetry shall entice the audience as this kind of approach is rare.

I thank the Just Poets for presenting this event and their support.

Here is the flyer for you all to see, which I created. Spread the word.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ASL Performance at Monroe Community College

On May 1st, I and three other deaf/hard of hearing performers will entertain the audience at Rochester's Monroe Community College. The event is sponsored by World Languages and Cultures Department, MCC ASL Club, and The Global Union International Student Organization. This free event will provide poems/stories/signing along songs performances that will be done in American Sign Language. Vicki Nordquist is known to create unique A, B, C stories or poems. Troy Chapman translates a lot of Langston Hughes poems. Matt Schwartz translates musicians' songs into ASL. I, Eddie Swayze, translates his original poems into ASL while playing his original composed electronic music. So, the four different approaches of ASL performances would give the audience great variety of tastes. 

I thank Grey Van Pelt for offering me this opportunity and I look forward to blowing the audience's minds as much as the other three performers will do as well.

Here is the flyer. You can click right on the flyer and it will become larger.

I realize that this flyer doesn't make it any easier to read the texts even clicked on to become larger. Here are what the texts say on the flyer:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Room: Monroe A/B (Bldg. 3-205)
Doors open at 6:00 PM
Show starts at 6:30 PM
Monroe Community College
1000 East Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 

Vicki Nordquist, Matt Schwartz,
Eddie Swayze, Troy Chapman

Interpreters will be provided

Sponsors: World Languages and Cultures Department,
The Global Union International Students Organization

Free Show

Parking is available for the general public in Lot N.
Deaf blind interpreters provided upon RSVP by April 22