Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Poetry" in YouTube

Just uploaded a poem that I haven't performed for a long time and forgot about it. It's titled "Poetry". It's about what poetry can do to us all human beings under any experiences such as loneliness, freedom, and etc. (all mentioned in the work). The video includes my recorded voice, which I was able to sing a bit. Translated the whole work into American Sign Language (ASL).

Here is the YouTube page for you to click on and see the videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oSTH1mZ_pc&feature=youtu.be

Here is an English-written poem, copied/pasted below.


Poetry is a shining star.
Poetry is a steel guitar.
Poetry is a blooming rose.
Poetry is a search for hope.

Poetry is freedom.
Free like birds up in the sky.
Free like angels up in the sky.
Free like a violin's sweet sighs.
Free like the first kiss in the night.

Poetry is the working lament.
Poetry is the love absent.
Poetry is the bar blues.
Poetry is the loneliness blues.

Poetry is healing.
Heal us from the pain.
Heal us from the rain.
Heal us from idleness.
Heal us from loneliness.

Poetry is the shining sun.
Poetry is making love.
Poetry is laughter.
Poetry is our teacher.

Poetry is learning.
Learn to expand our minds.
Learn to enhance creative minds.
Learn to explore more.
Learn to want more.

Poetry is tears in our eyes.
Poetry is loss of sigh.
Poetry is darkness.
Poetry is sadness.

Poetry is a reminder.
Reminding us the beauty of life.
Reminding us the search for light.
Reminding us  love is always there.
Reminding us  humanity is always there.

Poetry is spiritual.
Poetry is ritual.
Poetry is anything.
Poetry is everything.

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