Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peter Quince, Midsummer Night's Dream

I am officially chosen to act as Peter Quince in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream production in Rochester, NY. What is interesting in this particular production is that it will take place at the Highland Park in the Highland Bowl. There is an outdoor stage at the place. Every year, Rochester has been providing Shakespeare plays at the Highland Bowl during the summer, free to the public. Yet, the unique thing is that my involvement as Peter Quince in this production will be the very first Shakespeare play to include deaf/hard of hearing cast members who will be using American Sign Language (ASL). That has never been shown before at the Highland Bowl site in Rochester's history. So, it will become a big deal this summer. I and several other deaf/hard of hearing actors will use ASL along the hearing cast members who will speak the lines, all at the same time. This will give full access to the hearing and deaf/hard of hearing audience. I am really excited to become part of this historical moment. I am thrilled to just act as Peter outside, which I have never done before. The show will open and run from July 5th - July 19th. 

The Shakespeare Players, a program of the Rochester Community Players, is an ongoing theatrical production company that provides Shakespeare theatrical entertainments in the city of Rochester.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Demo of Myself Playing Kaossilator for GoFundMe.Com Support

I just uploaded a video of myself playing a small electronic music device called Kaossilator. It's to give you an idea of what it sounds like and what it can do. For example, playing a sound effect that sounds like a cat meowing. I also played my own work that I created for the day. Henceforth, this gives you an idea upon playing Kossilator along DJ Numark Mixture 2. Think what that can do. 

Enjoy the YouTube video of me playing Kaossilator:


A generosity of donation toward my goal to get the speakers - Mackie Thump 12 - would be thankful. The speakers would be hooked up to DJ Numark Mixture 2. I need powerful speakers to make the DJ performance strong and entertaining to the crowd. Can you make my dream come true as DJ WildPoet? Go to GoFundMe.Com and help me out:


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mackie Thump 12 Speakers for DJ: GoFundMe.Com

Here is one speaker, on display, that I chose. It's Mackie Thump 12 (Yes, there will be two to buy at the same price). They will cost at regular price of $299.99 with tax up to $315.00. Yet there is a Special Deal at $260.00, but that all depends on how long that deal will last and when the goal is reached. Henceforth, I added 315 bucks to 295 bucks already made, which is the goal of $610.00 now in my GoFundMe.Com. The guy at Guitar Center hooked his iPod to the switch board and turned on the switch that went to this particular speaker. Whoa! It sounded fantastic. It's not a passive speaker, because it is considered as loudness speaker, meaning more amp and strength power. The speakers will go with DJ Numark Mixture 2 device. 

Therefore, let's make sure I get the goal and be able to purchase Mackie Thump 12 speakers and connect them to DJ Numark Mixture 2 device, all together, and perform anywhere I go. I shall pursue to become DJ WildPoet once I reach the goal. 

If you want to chip in some toward the new goal for the speakers, you can click on my GoFundMe.Com site address below: