Friday, September 13, 2013

ASL Poetry Show at Equal Grounds for DEAAF

I will host an ASL Poetry Show at Equal Grounds on October 19th. It will start at 7 PM. It is for a fundraising effort toward DEAAF (Deaf Education and the Arts for African Families), which is a program that provides deaf and hard of hearing African children the education that they need in their country. I have had this done last winter at the same location and it was a huge success with good amount of funds raised and a large packed crowd. Several performers will present their work on stage at Equal Grounds whether it'll be ASL poetry, ASL storytelling, ASL sign-to-songs, or whatever else. The performers will consist of deaf, hard of hearing, and ASL-skilled hearing performers. I am honored and I thank Equal Grounds owner John White for giving me this opportunity last year and again this year. Here is the flyer with details of the show. You need to click on the flyer in order to see it much bigger.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Poems Published in Deaf Lit Extravaganza Book

My 3 poems are published in this anthology book titled "Deaf Lit Extravaganza". It will be out on the market this October. There are other work by other writers/poets in this book. This book focuses on the deaf culture, deaf experiences, deaf political issues, and so forth. 

Here is my one poem that is in this book titled "Diva"


Young wise woman.
Brown-cinnamon flesh.
Black braided hair.
A heart listener.
No one can exploit her.
Listen to her stories.
Honest as an open bowl.
Men don’t understand.
She knows what she needs.
She is a diva!
A deaf woman she is.
Doesn’t matter.
She isn’t a light-headed bird.
It won’t work if men try playing tricks.
Beautiful she is.
Intelligent she is.
But she doesn’t lift her tail feathers up.
She doesn’t want to be a pawn.
Respect her dreams!
Respect her existence!
She carries the armor.