Thursday, May 10, 2012

9 ASL Poems for RIT Root Event

I will perform my 10 poems, all translated into ASL (American Sign Language) along my recorded voice in electronic music software on May 12th at 7 PM for RIT Root, an event for RIT student government, WITR (college radio), NTID Student Congress, and etc. My particular poetry performance is made possible by RIT's OUTspoken, an LGBT student organization. Some of my poems will have only my voice in the software, others will have my original composed electronic music. Some of the music are part of the poems and some are just looped background soundscapes. For example, my science fiction-themed poem titled "Cyborg Drag Queen" have several looped sci. fi. sound effects while my recorded voice speaks the lines. I will translate all of the poems into ASL on stage with dance, body language, facial expressions, mime, and acting. The event will take place outside on RIT campus. 

The 10 poems are:

"Howl" (cover poem by Allen Ginsberg), "Joey", Arthur Rimbaud", "After Breathing Glass", "A Lady In A Blue Dress", "Youthful Queen", "Cyborg Drag Queen", "The Village", and "Night Life".

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