Friday, August 12, 2011

2 Gay-Themed Computer Generated Images

This summer, I played around with PhotoShop and Illustrator software in my Mac computer to create 2 gay-themed images for fun. First is "Proud Eddie"and the 2nd one is "Angel Dude". The first one was created using both, Illustrator and PhotoShop. I created curved lines of a body in Illustrator. I also used an image of the skyscrapers and used Illustrator's "Live Paint" effect, which reduced the details of the skyscrapers and only made them black and white in high contrast. I then imported the linear curved lines of the body and the "Live Paint" skyscrapers into PhotoShop. I then added a face of myself and put that on top of the body. I put the skyscrapers behind me. After that, I used PhotoShop's special effects for colors, shades, warps, and etc. Took a while for me to figure out how to make the figure of myself and the skyscrapers become distinguishable. The effort was done as best as I could to make that work. The image of an angel dude is actually a statue at the American Portraits Museum in Washington, D.C. I got rid of the background and manipulated the statue with PhotoShop's special effects to make it look like it's flying. The only challenge was the face, which turned out not so crisped clear. Tried several ways to solve that, but I decided to leave it that way, figuring that it is flying away from us and should be hard to see up in the air anyways.