Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ASL Poetry Night for DEAAF at Equal Grounds

On December 14th, Dangerous Signs (NTID students), Matt Schwartz, Vicki Nordquist, and Eddie Swayze (myself) presented American Sign Language performances at Equal Grounds. The performance was a fundraising effort to support Deaf Education and the Arts for African Families (DEAAF). It turned out a great success with a packed audience. The fundraising raised up to $261.00 that will go to a school in Zambia, Africa where deaf/hard of hearing kids get their education and their families receive things they need such as shoes, clothing, school supplies, and so forth. It was a great honor to become part of DEAAF and making the fundraising possible. I would like to thank John White, the owner of Equal Grounds, for allowing this to happen. He sent an e-mail to me, saying how impressed he was with the show and asked me to present the show again. Without a doubt, I will make this happen again down the road. I also shall thank 3 interpreters who voiced the performers' sign language for the hearing audience who don't know how to read ASL: Denise Herrara, Chris Coles, and Adam O'Connor.

Here are the pictures of the performance.

Vicki Nordquist

Me and Dangerous Signs

A packed crowd of audience

Matt Schwartz

Tim Holmes and Malik Paris