Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dangerous Signs Performance at Deaf Festival

Luane Davis Haggerty, our director and participant, had us rehearse and then present our performance at the Deaf Festival on June 9th in Rochester, NY. I (Eddie Swayze), Troy Chapman, Joseph Fox, and Nic Shaw as Dangerous Signs (name of group) did American Sign Language poetry, sign along a song "Crazy", and some skits in front of the audience under the tent at the Deaf Festival on Ellington Park. The crowd was great and the show went very well. Mostly of what we performers did was to interact each other when doing the poetry, song, and skits. The interactions helped me expand more than just being a single performer and it is a fun challenging thing to do. It's good to perform with cast together than being myself for a change. I was the one who came up with the idea of having our Dangerous Signs perform at the Festival and it became a reality. Luane and I think we shall present for the Deaf Festival's upcoming 5th year next year.

In picture, from left to right, Eddie Swayze, Troy Chapman, Joseph Fox, and Nic Shaw.

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