Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Peter and the Wolf" ASL Narration along William Warfield

In the spring of 2000, I performed an American Sign Language (ASL) narration along a well-known narrator/singer William Warfield. It was for his nephew Thomas Warfied's dance production titled 'The Adventure of Peter and the Wolf". I have a DVD of the whole production. I wanted to show my ASL narrating performance next to William Warfield but could not figure out how to get the clips off from a DVD into iMovie or anything. I figured out the solution. I found a free trial DVD ripper software for Mac OSX and downloaded that. It only allows me to rip 3 minutes of the DVD. It was what I wanted, just to show my performance, not the whole dance production. Once downloaded, I ripped 3 minutes of my performance and a few dancers' movements and it worked. I then dragged it and converted it into MP4 in iTune. Now I was able to use it for Facebook, my blog, and my promo/record.

Here is the video uploaded and enjoy my and William's narrations.