Monday, September 26, 2016

Shakespeare's Immortality Poem with Dangerous Signs

I wrote this poem in English a while ago. I reopened the poem and edited it to enhance the quality of the work. I then brought it over to show Dangerous Signs the writing and then we all worked on translating this work into ASL in an interactive performance as a group. Here we were able to perform this "Shakespeare's Immortality" poem at the Little Theatre for Rochester's Fringe Festival on September 24th, 2016. I shall thank my mother for video-taping this performance.


"Shakespeare's Immortality"-  Eddie Swayze

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dangerous Signs, Saturday, Sept. 24th

I and Dangerous Signs cast members are to perform on September 24th, 1 PM, at the Little Theatre downtown Rochester, NY. It'll be free to the public. We got a critical acclaim article in the City Newspaper, mentioning our last year performance and how we almost got into American Got Talent TV show. 

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This year performance, we will be doing creative tasks to honor Shakespeare. No, we will not read and or perform Shakespeare's work in traditional ways. Instead, we will do songs that refer to him like how Patti Smith, well-known Godmother of punk singer/poet, mentions Shakespeare in her "Looking For You" song. We will translate that song in ASL all together as a group in interactive activities. Another example is "I Hate Shakespeare" by Spamalot play, which we sign along that song in ASL full of humor. Also, my original work "Shakespeare's Immortality" will be performed in ASL and it focuses on the fact that his work is still alive today. Other work has just mime activities without sign language, dance movements along one Shakespeare work (Romeo and Juliet), and many other experimental ideas. 

This show will be unusual and unique.