Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Robot in the City

I have been working on this science fiction drawing for about a month long. It was tough with the buildings with all of those windows and trying to make them look straight as possible with no ruler or anything to draw perfect lines with. This work is done with color pencils on a red color paper. It's also a challenge to make the robot look metallic and shiny as best that I can make. The eyes were tough to somehow make them glow behind the dark black eye screen. The yellow van parked behind the robot seems a little flat, but I wanted to make it fade away and less important than the robot. So are the buildings behind the van. The clouds are even very faint in the sky. This helps make the robot stand out more and shows the distance as well. Enjoy the image and you can click on it to enlarge it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wood Carving of Nude Man

I realized that I have the little wood carving tools that my father gave me for Christmas left somewhere in my apartment and wanted to do the carving. I found them in the storage room downstairs and brought them up. My landlord's wood pieces were left here and there near my artwork stuff in the storage room. I found a good square one and brought that up. I have an old gay porno magazine that I left, not looked at for along time, and found one image of a nude guy. I cropped down to just his chest/stomach area on the sketchbook with a pencil. I then used the image on the sketchbook as a reference on a square wood piece. I then began to carve. What a real challenge. I have never carved an image of a nude man with forms, shapes, shadows and etc before. I did carve a nude man with just the outlines of the body on another wood a while ago. It took me a while to figure out how to create the form of the chest, stomach, nipples, and etc, chipping here and there. Once I was done with carving, I then applied water color paint. Oh, yeah, another challenge as I had to figure out how to make the forms, shades, lights, and etc look just about right on the male figure. 

Here is the photo of the work. You can click on the image in order to see it bigger.

Graphic Art of a Nude Man

I created this nude man in PhotoShop. Originally, the image of the male body was painted on a glass with acrylic paint a while ago as a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I just put that male body glass painting on the scanner and scanned it into my computer. I then changed the colors of the body into purplish/bluish hues/tones. I also scanned a small jewel ball, the blue square-shaped plastic jewel stickers that you put on your face for parties or halloween or whatever, the Mardi Gras necklace, and the thin paper flowers in rainbow order which used to be a necklace, given to me by someone at the pride parade. I then put those scanned things into the computer and arranged them around and over the male figure the way I wanted them to be. I have a photo of a rainbow flag, saved in a folder, and put that into the male figure. Henceforth, it's an image that conveys upon gay pride and celebration. 

Here is the photo and you can click on the image in order to see it bigger.