Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video Editing of Dangerous Signs for KickStarter Fundraising

Here is a photo of my desktop computer with iMovie software where I am editing a video of myself and Luane Davis Haggerty talking about what Dangerous Signs is about. There are also 2 videos of Dangerous Signs performing in the software. Once all put together and completed, this project will be uploaded into Luane Davis Haggerty, Director of Dangerous Signs, and I, Eddie Swayze, are putting our chances to get Dangerous Signs fund raised by Kickstarter participants via online on the Internet. Once and if we get the goal up to $7,000.00, it could cover the costs of creating DVDs of Dangerous Signs for history, marketing, and educational purposes plus cover the costs of traveling. I shall hope for our best to reach the goal.'s post of Dangerous Signs will be put in here once it's completed and ready. Dangerous Signs is an ASL (American Sign Language) multi-cultural performance arts group with poetry, storytelling, miming, acting, and dancing, all to be presented by interactive performances by the deaf and hard of hearing performers on stage.