Friday, November 15, 2013

"Self-Respect" Artwork

You can click on this photo to see it bigger

I thought about creating an artwork that shows a portrait of myself, and make it become related to pride upon myself as hard of hearing or a person with hearing loss and being gay. Though I didn't have any canvas and much paint at the moment, so I came up with a solution. I discovered a 8x12 inches picture frame with its wooden back, slid into its frames, for hanging the frame. I slid that off and only used that wooden back part of the picture frame, which already has its own maroon color on the surface. I then sought for a photo of myself in iPhoto in my computer and found one. I then used the picture of myself as my reference.

I used acrylic paint, using only white, orange, blue paint, and created Cubism-alike structure on my face. I then used color wax crayons and color pencils for the rainbow background. In regards to being hard of hearing, you have to look at my ear and you would notice a small hearing aid in and around the ear. Of course, the background has a rainbow color which conveys the message upon my self-respect as a gay person other than being hard of hearing. The idea of combining self-acceptance and pride as having a hearing loss and being gay is what I wanted to portray in this work.