Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pictures of My "Joey" ASL Poetry Performance for World AIDS Day Benefit Concert

I got photos of my ASL poetry performance with the dancers for World AIDS Benefit Concert on December 1st, 2010. The performance took place at the Hochstein Music Performance Hall in Rochester, NY. The poem is titled "Joey". I played the electronic music I composed with my voice recorded. I translated my voice into ASL while the work was played. The dancers joined and danced around me. It was a lot of fun and it was also powerful.

You can read this poem, "Joey", to get an idea with what was being said.


My name is Joey -

Cute face and beautiful my skin.

Collecting money from the men is my bliss.

I wear tight jeans and t-shirts out on the streets,

Then I strip myself nude under the silky sheets.

My hair is a beauty and I’m young -

Green eyes and my body strong.

I’ve seen men come then go.

I’ve heard them flirt on the phones.

Oh god, life isn’t always kind.

Men having fun then dying.

Yet I see there are illness untold.

My soul will soon must go.

My name is Joey -

Grayed eyes and my body underweight.

Shed tears through heartache and pain.

I gradually turn ill in the shadow of grief,

Then I slowly close my eyes under the white sheets.

My name is Joey. Can you remember me?

My name is Joey. Can you pray for me?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poem and Song for NTID's International Holiday Show

I will perform a song from PJ Harvey titled "You Came Through" in ASL and my ASL poem titled "Bright Red" for NTID's International Holiday Show this Friday, December 10th, at 1 PM in the Panara Theatre in bldg. 60 (LBJ). It's free to the public. Other performers will do their skits who are staff, students, or faculty, and will share the holiday spirit on stage.

Here is PJ Harvey's song that I will translate into ASL and my ASL "Bright Red" poem that I will perform.

"You Come Through" PJ Harvey

We are waiting

For the summer.
The sun will bring back

Treasures for us.
Come on my friend

Drink to good times.
Golden wishes

To your health and mine.

You come through

For me.
You come true

For me.
You be well

For me.
You come through

For me.

I'll be lifted

On this our holiday.
I'll take you my friend.
I'll take you with me.

You come through

For me.
You come true

For me.
You be well

For me.
You come through

For me.

"Bright Red" Eddie Swayze

Snow and cloud-ridden skies
Bathe us in calm soft light.
Welcome our dreams and wishes
Upon our holidays in delight.
Cheer along with glasses of wine
And our sweet serenades.
Hear violins ringing
Through chilled winds.

Glistening lights dance in pine trees.
Fancy presents wait below for children.
Flames radiate upon candles in gold.
Silver bells create sweet melodies.

We return upon our reunion
And celebrate in deep jubilance.
We come for peace and remembrance
For our precious traditions.
Love grows in our hearts warm
Where hollies
Glow their berries
Bright red.