Saturday, June 4, 2011

ASL Poetry for RIT's NEACUHO

I and a few other performers will present ASL poetry and skits for Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) NEACUHO - North East region of the Association of College and University Housing Officers on June 8th, 6:00 PM. It's an Annual Conference full of opportunities for professional development, networking and reconnecting with colleagues, as well as entertaining activities that will assist them in reflecting and rejuvenating.The social workers from mostly northern regions of United States will attend the three days conference on campus. RIT came up with an idea of exposing them the sole existence of deaf culture on RIT campus where NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) is under. I will perform my 3 original poems in ASL and others will do famous poets' classic poems, sign along songs, and do traditional A,B,C and numbers ASL storytelling. After the banquet, we all will present a workshop on hand shapes and other ASL-related issues.

There are 3 videos of my ASL poetry performance that I will present on June 8th: "Angel's Suicide", "Money", and "Bones". There are also 3 videos of Joe Fox, who also will perform, doing his ASL skit signing along Josh Groban's "To Be Loved" song, his original poem titled "13" and A,B.C sign language titled "Callie Lee Fox". There are other performers' videos, which you have to click on "Click Here to Watch" under 4 more items are available.

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  1. I'm glad you're keeping the love of ASL going strong with cultural enrichment through the arts of expression! I commend you for all your hard work and I know it would truly touch each and every audience that comes across your blog, it did to me =) Much love, Jeremy