Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My One Act Play for Brief History of the Apocalypse

My one act play titled "Reincarnated Priest" will be presented at MuCCC Theatre on Altlantic Avenue downtown Rochester, NY on December 21st, 2011. I will act as Father Raylight, who happens to be an out and celibate gay priest in the 22nd Century dealing with Altered Genetic Deterioration Syndrome (AGDS), caused by the bio-weapons. Other play writers will perform their work, too. I will use American Sign Language and spoken words while performing plus mime. This show is part of John Borek's Brief History of the Apocalypse event that portrays the irrationality upon the end of the world at the year 2012 and what people believe in or don't believe in. Though my work does not bring up the 2012 apocalypse fear, yet it still does deal with the end of the world in the future. I am honored to be asked to perform my short science fiction play.

My work is also mentioned in Rochester's Democratic and Chronicle newspaper. Here is a copied/pasted piece about my work.

Reincarnated Priest

By Eddie Swayze World War III, China vs. the United States, has unleashed a bio-weapon called AGDS — Altered Genetic Deterioration Syndrome — with symptoms much like AIDS a century earlier.

The 47-year-old Swayze, who works with the deaf and mentally challenged at the Center for Disability Rights, and who is partially deaf himself, will not only perform the play in spoken word, but will sign and mime his way through it.

The main character, Father Joseph Raymond, succumbs to AGDS. "He's not happy about it," Swayze says. But once the reincarnated Father Joseph gets a look at the beautiful, peaceful planet that he has found in death, the playwright admits, the apocalypse "could be good for some people."

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