Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Bones" Performance for Rochester Poets Walk at Memorial Art Gallery

On November 13th 2011, I performed my poem titled "Bones" in ASL (American Sign Language) at the Memorial Art Gallery for the Rochester Poets Walk (engraved poems in sidewalk on University Avenue and web page with audios/videos of poetry). The Rochester Poets Walk will be constructed next year for ArtWalk Extension project next year. Peter Cook/Kenny Lerner of the Flying Words Project, Patrick Graybill's "Reflection", Robert F. Panara's "On His Deafness", Ella Mae Lentz's "The Doors" are also selected as ASL poets. Local hearing poets such as Bobby Johnson, Grace Flores, Lori Nalesco, Patricia Schwartz, Reena Golden, and many more got their work accepted. Also, well-known poets are included that were part of Rochester, NY, and Buffalo, NY area such as Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Lucinda Cliffton, John Asbury, Robert Creely, and many more. I was very honored to be part of this whole Rochester Poets Walk along those other great poets.

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