Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo of Performers, Interpreters, and Owner for ASL Poetry and Performance at Flying Squirrel Community Space

On April 9th, four performers presented their ASL work at the Flying Squirrel Community Space downtown Rochester. Vicki Nordquist performed her ABC ASL sign language skits, Susan Smith performed "The Flood" from Vagina Monologue, one of her daughter's poem titled "Modern Day Media" and her own titled "True Love". Matt Schwartz performed one song (can't remember what is the name of song) and also performed with his high school student, Taylor Rodwell, along Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" song. I, Eddie Swayze, performed his 3 poems/electronic music pieces: "Blade Grey Sky", "Every Man for Himself", and "Night Life". Chad Edmonds, Dawn Zuppelli, and I voiced Susan's and Vicki's work. Dawn Zuppelli, the owner of Flying Squirrel Community, allowed me to provide this great ASL Poetry and Performance show at her facility. The crowd was great in almost full capacity, and I didn't expect that.

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