Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Bones" Accepted for Rochester's Poets Walk

I was just informed that my poem titled "Bones", done in ASL (American Sign Language) in video, is accepted by the Rochester's Poets Walk selections committee. My "Bones" video will be shown as an interactive medium under the ASL Poetry category for the Rochester's Poets Walk project.

Here is a copied and pasted note:

The selections committee for Rochester’s Poets Walk wishes to heartily congratulate you on the choice of your video BONES for inclusion in the ASL Poetry category of this project. Poets Walk is an interactive sidewalk along University Avenue between North Goodman and Prince Streets that will honor poets past and present who have either lived in Rochester or who have close ties to this city. Poet’s Walk is part of the ArtWalk Extension Project, a collaboration between the City of Rochester, the Memorial Art Gallery, Writers & Books, and other area cultural organizations, and is supported by the NY State Department of Transportation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and by federal stimulus funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

You will be in good company, indeed, joining such poets as Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore,John Ashbery, and Lucille Clifton, as well as ASL poets like Robert F. Panara and Clayton Valli.

To read about the Rochester's Poets Walk project, go to this Democratic and Chronicle article:

Here is the video of "Bones" that got accepted for you to enjoy watching.


Here is an English-written "Bones" poem:

Curved bones

In pure enamel

Deep inside

The ears,

Sea shells sing

Ocean waves

In micro-size.



They should be


Organic ornaments opened

To absorb

The sounds.

Yet some are


The cracks


Cool, cut, crucify

Cacophonies’ magic.

The sounds



But beauty

Carries inside

Their ears.

Silence spreads smoothly.

Quiet as still water.

Calm as the moon.

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