Friday, June 10, 2011

DeadMau5 Head Piece Design Contest

I submitted this design for a well-known Canadian DJ called DeadMau5, an electronic music genre. He, the DJ, usually wears Micky Mouse-alike head pieces while he plays his electronic music on stage. A DeadMau5 website posted a contest for anyone to join and come up with a design on DeadMau5's head piece. If a person wins the contest, the DJ will wear the head piece that the winner designed. The winner also would get 2 free ticket to see DeadMau5 concert in LA plus free trip as well.

I wanted DeadMau5's head piece to have its ears and eyes all lit up in rainbow, which is a message upon respect toward diversity and freedom. I also wanted the words reading, "Love, Peace, and Harmony" in red LEDs in the mouth area. The rainbow lights would blink or animate. The ears would have the rainbow go up or down. The eyes would have the rainbow swirling in circles constantly. The head piece, itself, could be shiny black plastic or silver chrome, either one. I shall see whether I win or not. Let's wait and see. The announcement of the winner will be sometimes in the middle of July or end of July.

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