Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ASL Poetry Performance at Delilah's

I performed my ASL poems at Delilah's downtown Ithaca, NY on May 15th. I presented some of my work in spoken words and sign language simultaneously, some in pure ASL without a voice, and some along my original composed electronic music. Other performers performed there, who are singers and musicians: Luane Davis Haggerty, Jai, Susan, and Rose. They were great performers. I received a very positive response from the audience, even though I screwed up a spoken-English poem/sign language translation of Allen Ginsberg's "Holy" poem. I was even paid to perform and didn't expect that, and I and the performers received a half priced dinner at Delilah's. That was a great treat. Delilah's is a cool place to perform, set up as a club with tables/chairs around the room with food/drinks served.

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