Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Poems Will Be Published in Masque Publishing

I am honored by Masque Publishing for accepting my two poems. "Honeymoon" will be published this December and "Fragile Earth" will be published in February next year.

I performed "Honeymoon" in ASL for my friend's wedding when she got married. Later, I composed an original electronic music with my recorded voice of that poem. I perform this poem in ASL while the electronic music plays and my recorded voice speaks the words.

Here is "Honeymoon" poem for you to read.

A snow-white frosting

Hugs the lovers’ lips.

It turns into sugared butterflies,

Glistening under the sun.

Melt their wings,

Rested on their sweetened lips.

Rose-colored tongues taste

The honeyed flavor.

The moon turns gold at dusk,

Bathing the roses and the dews,

Ready for the night of romance.

The enraptured lovers gracefully

Walk out, rice-spilled.

Painted amber-colored by the moon,

They split for the rose-tinted paradise

Out on the outskirts of the town.

In their secret temple,

Honey drips, one by one,

Down to their flesh.

Red roses blossom

Around their ecstasy-filled minds,

high with saturated love.

Vanilla flakes flutter down to their bed,


Rich enough to scintillate their tender hearts.

Stars shimmer above

And they glisten down to their eyes, starry-eyed.

The vines entwine them.

Dawn arises during their sleep.

Sweet lullabies sing in their slumbering dreams.

Sunlight warms their flesh,

Asking where the roses are.

Soon the roses open their petals

In their eyes, awakened.

A sweet taste still lingers on their lips

With a kiss, the truth of love glows between them.

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