Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black Mountain North Symposium Poetry Reading at RIT

I will be one of the poets who will perform for RIT's Black Mountain North Symposium this October 2nd. The performance will take place in the Innovation Center on campus.

Black Mountain North Symposium is a celebration upon upstate New York's experimental arts that is partly traceable to the migration of artists and scholars situated in the hills of North Carolina from 1933-1957. The artists from Black Mountain moved on with great influences over
San Francisco and New York City. Close at home, Robert Creely, Charles Olson, and few others transformed the University of Buffalo. Ed Sanders in Woodstock. Albert Glover in St. Lawrence University, Don Byrd and Pierre Joris at SUNY/Albany, and Jack Clarke in Buffalo helped continue the Black Mountain poetry tradition. Along those important poets/scholars, Writers and Books in Rochester, NY encouraged ASL Poetry Renaissance in the 80's, a deaf poetry movement influenced by the Beat and Black Mountain traditions.

This means "The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox" film will be shown, which I am in the film as a rookie poet in a short clip back in the 80's plus my "A.S.L." painting as well. Jim Cohn, a well-respected poet, living in Colorado, ignited the whole ASL poetry and the deaf/hard of hearing poets in the 80's and he will be a featured speaker and reader during the Black Mountain North Symposium at RIT and Writers and Books. Miriam Lerner, the director of "The Heart of the Hydrogen Jukebox" will speak about her film along a well-respected deaf actor/poet/educator, Patrick Graybill, during this Symposium event.

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I am indeed very honored to be part of this big poetry festival event and I am truly moved by this.

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