Monday, July 19, 2010

Mixed-Media Art Project in Progress

I have been creating this mixed-media artwork that conveys the message about technology and the deaf culture. Yet it is not completed and it is in progress.

I took a photo of my friend's hands with a digital camera. I used PhotoShop software in iMac computer to get rid of the background around the hands. I then printed it out and xeroxed it into transparent paper. I put a dot of glue on the corners of a transparent image of the hands onto the white styrofoam. I then glued the shiny gold squares fabric and black nylon fabric on the image. I also used grey duct tapes on the image. I used a black box from a gift of something that was inside when bought, emptied, and used velcro to attach the back of the box onto the bottom part of the image. I then had an ink drawing of my ear with a hearing aid that was done a while ago. I glued that into the box. I then used a metal lid from the metal box that had a watch inside when bought. I used the back of the lid for a transparent image of a TV show with captioning, using little glue at the corners. Then the lid was attached by velcro onto the top left corner of the hands image. I found a white plastic thing down in the basement that must be for something I have no idea what it's for. I glued the back of the styrofoam onto the middle of the white plastic object. I added shiny gold squares fabric, black nylon fabric, and grey duct tapes on the white object. When this project is done, I will use the white plastic object as a hanging thing with nails holding it or hooks to hold it, or whatever, however it will work.

It is an interesting mixed-media artwork that seems to make you think about wearing a hearing aid, relying on captioning on TV, and the hands for communication.

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