Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Photos of My Performance at IRT Deaf Festival

I finally received 4 photos of myself performing my ASL poetry in front of my video work along my original composed electronic music from Interbrorough Repertory Theatre (IRT). IRT had a deaf festival during the first week of June 2010. I translated my recorded voice that spoke my poems into ASL. The voice was embedded in the original composed electronic music as it was being played. My original videos were played behind me from my iMac laptop computer, connected through IRT's video projector.

I have been creating this multi-media performances, using videos as new medium besides just electronic music. I will continue to play around this idea. This idea is very much influenced by a well-known experimental avant-garde performing artist, Laurie Anderson.

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  1. Very dramatic pictures, Eddie. Hope I get to see you do it live some time soon.