Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Poem Accepted for Publication

My poem titled "Brown Liquid" will be published in Forge in their website. This is the 4th publisher that accepted my poems this summer. "Brown Liquid" is about alcoholism and it is very powerful.

Here is the poem for you to read.

“Brown Liquid”

Smell that brown liquid

See it sparkle in a glass.

Come on, let it seep into your blood.

Bad circulations.

Bad breath.

You are a barfly on the run.

See beauty in that brown jewel

Glowing in the sun.

The reflections.

The refractions.

Begs you to give it a taste.

Tastes sweet on your cracked lips.

You want to quit and throw it away

But the whisky devil

Trips you down to the floor.

Gives you a sly grin.

Gives you alluring glassy eyes

And you crave for more.

Kiss the jewel in the glass.

How it softens your mind.

Feels warm in your blood.

The rush.

The sigh.

And you can’t seem to get enough.

Let it drain down through your throat.



Corroded liver.

Saturated blood.

“Come on, can’t I live?”

There is nothing left at all.

You lay still with a bouquet

Rested on your wet lips.

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