Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wood Carving of Nude Man

I realized that I have the little wood carving tools that my father gave me for Christmas left somewhere in my apartment and wanted to do the carving. I found them in the storage room downstairs and brought them up. My landlord's wood pieces were left here and there near my artwork stuff in the storage room. I found a good square one and brought that up. I have an old gay porno magazine that I left, not looked at for along time, and found one image of a nude guy. I cropped down to just his chest/stomach area on the sketchbook with a pencil. I then used the image on the sketchbook as a reference on a square wood piece. I then began to carve. What a real challenge. I have never carved an image of a nude man with forms, shapes, shadows and etc before. I did carve a nude man with just the outlines of the body on another wood a while ago. It took me a while to figure out how to create the form of the chest, stomach, nipples, and etc, chipping here and there. Once I was done with carving, I then applied water color paint. Oh, yeah, another challenge as I had to figure out how to make the forms, shades, lights, and etc look just about right on the male figure. 

Here is the photo of the work. You can click on the image in order to see it bigger.

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