Sunday, January 4, 2015

DJ Performance for Soiree in the Penguin Ballroom

On January 8th, 2015, I will be DJ-ing as DJ WildPoet for Riley Beats' Soiree in the Penguin Ballroom. It's located on 389 Gregory Street in the city of Rochester. Two other DJs will do their tunes after my show. My show will start at 7 PM. It's a free public event with suggested donations and low-priced pizzas, sodas/bottles of water, and glowsticks. People who show up usually play with their hoops or spin the LED lights around during the DJ events there. The Penguin Ballroom is a large, spacious room and it is really beautiful. See the photo to get an idea. I suggest to click on this photo to see it bigger.

As DJ WildPoet, I will play my own original composed electronic music. I will also play several well-known musicians' work. I will play well-known musician's work along my own work, synced, together. I will also sync two famous musician's work or two of my own work simultaneously. When the words or lyrics come up, I will translate them into American Sign Language (ASL) plus do the acting/facial/physical moves. When there are no words or lyrics in the tunes, I will just DJ and do the creative sound tricks or manipulations. 

Henceforth, my DJ performance may be different than most of the DJs since hardly any knows how to translate the words/lyrics into ASL and do the acting/physical/facial performances. I have been trained to act in theaters for a while plus an ASL poet and a performing artist for a long time. My hope is to inspire the audience to appreciate the unique DJ performance I can offer and spread the word to others, which could enhance my chance to DJ more out to the public. I would like to thank Riley Beats for offering me an opportunity to DJ for his Soiree DJ events at the Penguin Ballroom.

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