Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DJ at German House for Rochester Community Players 90th Anniversary Celebation

On January 19th, I was hired to DJ for Rochester Community Players' 90th Anniversary Celebration at the German House. Here are the experiences I got when DJ-ing there. 

They were going to show a silent movie that was made in 1927 by the Rochester Community Players members 90 years ago. I DJ-ed before and after the movie. Yet, the president of Rochester Community Players didn't say what kind of music I should play and I had no idea what some of the audience's reactions were going to be. It turned out that some of them did not like the kind of music I was playing (some due to older generations and some due to expecting jazz, swing, and big bands - 1920's- music), which I had to tell them that I did not have with me. I had only modern electronic music and current famous musicians' work.It was intriguing and a mixed bag kind of performance for me. Yet, yes, there were many that admired my work, who comprehended the kind of 21st Century modern kind of DJ-ing that is happening lately, which is where my work is heading into. 

Here are two photos of me DJ-ing at the event.

Also, my Serato Intro software that goes along with my Numark Pro 2 DJ device crashed about 4 times and I had to quickly get my DJ-ing back on. I have no idea why and I just e-mailed to Serato Intro company Support Team to explain the situation and hopefully I will find out what I need to do to solve the problem soon.

All in all, regardless of having a cold, I had fun with good snacks and a cake. Did some American Sign Language performances along the lyrics that came on during my DJ-ing besides just regular instrumental DJ-ing. There was a good number of deaf/hard of hearing audience that showed up. Many of them are my friends from Dangerous Signs and other theatrical productions I was involved with. Some of them came up and danced in front of me. 

I would like to thank Peter Scribner for hiring me and the whole Rochester Community Players for giving me the opportunity.

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  1. Bunch of old-timers like me I guess. Glad you got the opportunity!