Thursday, July 31, 2014

DJ WildPoet Projects: Business Card Design, Fan-Based Facebook, and 1st Video of "Rebellion"

It's been about 2 months since I purchased DJ Numark Pro 2 device. I have been learning, practicing, and incorporating music in the device. It has been a great and challenging learning experience. I have been using my own original electronic music (with spoken word poems or instrumental) and famous musicians' songs or music. As I went along to play them, I had to figure out how to make special sound effects and tricks such as repeating the part of track, increasing or decreasing the pitch sounds, speeding or slowing the beat, and so forth. The discovery of ethereal sound effects were exciting and fascinating. As of now, I am getting there toward performing out to the public soon.

Meanwhile, I took the time to create a business card, using InDesign graphic design software in my desktop computer (real old computer and still working). I had to find the best font that fits my DJ style through online that offers free font styles, which I downloaded and saved into my desktop computer. I then took a photo of myself with some eyelid, eyeliner, and cheek make-up on, and a wild looking pink hat. I then put the photo of myself into PhotoShop software and manipulated the photo into high contrasted black and white, only to remove my mouth/nose area, just focusing on my eyes and the part of my hat. I then combined the photo and the font together in the business card. Here it is. There is no contact info in the photo for privacy reasons (which I don't want to show online all over the world).

I also video-taped myself, using my digital camera set on a tripod. I played my original electronic music with spoken word poem titled "Rebellion". I demonstrated how I repeat the tracks, changed the pitch sounds, increased or slowed the beat, and so forth plus translated the poem into American Sign Language (ASL) when the spoken words came on. It's my very first time to show my DJ tasks. Here is the video, uploaded into YouTube for you to see. Just click on it in order to watch my DJ-ing.

I also completed a "Like" fan-based Facebook, which is titled DJ WildPoet. I uploaded the photos of my business card, the video of "Rebellion", SoundCloud of my electronic music, and invited friends/family (which I have 28 people liking so far). Of course, I will keep adding more videos, music, and so on as time goes on to increase visibility and the number of fans down the road. To see my WildPoet Facebook, just click on the Facebook address.

All in all, I will receive the business cards in the mail from FedEx via online submission sometimes very soon and get them distributed to many people around me (250 business cards). I will create a promo project soon and get that out to the public. Also, some friends are encouraging me to join the DJ groups that gather in spots in the city of Rochester, which I will go to get myself exposed and learn more. And yes, I will eventually perform my DJ stuff for whatever available such as weddings, parties, or so forth. I am indeed excited to go toward new DJ-ing performances.

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