Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dangerous Signs Performance for CDR/RCIL Expression through Visual Arts

I, Jamal Jones, Troy Chapman, and Nic Shaw performed ASL poetry/storytelling/songs as Dangerous Signs for Center for Disability Rights (CDR) and Rochester Center for Independent Living (RCIL) exhibit and performance event titled Creative Expression through Visual Arts on July 22nd at Art and Vintage on Main Street in East Rochester, NY. We did 2 Robert F. Panara's work (who just passed away two days ago, July 19th, at 94 years old): "Dream of Green Field and "On His Deafness", Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy" song, our own "Bully" storytelling about bullying experiences, Langton Hughe's "I Know Rivers" and "Dreams", Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious" song, and my own (Eddie Swayze) poem "Bones" (ASL poem) and "Blade Grey Sky (electronic music and ASL poem). This Dangerous Signs performance was directed by Luane Davis Haggerty.

The event was to celebrate and honor deaf and hard of hearing artists in the city of Rochester and abroad. There was an art exhibition of 4 deaf/hard of hearing artists: Laurie Monahan, Sharon McKenney, Raymond Dunham, and Nancy Rourke. 

I was honored to become part of this unique event.

Here is a photo of us Dangerous Signs doing our skits. Click on the photo below to see it bigger.

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