Monday, October 14, 2013

Song of the Journey, Tiger Talk

My poem "Song of the Journey", translated into ASL, got accepted by the jurists and I was able to perform the work on stage at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in the Robert F. Panara Theatre on Saturday, October 12th. The performance included my video and electronic music, all put together along my ASL performance. A technical difficulty popped up a bit, but it got straightened out quickly and I was able to pull it off. Ha! I will eventually get the video of the performance from NTID soon. Meanwhile, I would like to share "Song of the Journey" in writing for you all to read. Enjoy!

    "Song of the Journey"

Beautiful creatures on campus,
You may stomp your feet and echo your voices across the continents and the seven seas.
Spread your petals and send their aromas with crucial contributions through the air. 
Expand your innovations like glowing wings upon the air.
Your precious jewels of visions shall never dissipate. 
Expand! Expand! Expand!

You, scholars with crowns of laurel on your heads, have the power to provoke new images, new words, new actions;  you have the power to accelerate dialogues in our majestic society.
Dialogues on behalf of new ideas float among us, a togetherness that enhances our quality of life.
You are in charge of your visions!  
Provoke! Provoke! Provoke!

As avid explorers, you may maneuver your vessels up toward the distant corners of the sky
And seek for places you have never been before.
Take an electronic compass and follow your paths.
The expanding space and time can carry you toward your dreams. 
Explore! Explore! Explore!

You, the students, faculty, and staff, like trillions of stars and planets circulating far in the distance, 
May yearn and scatter your dreams like the Milky Way across the midnight sky. 
Your imaginations may glide like space crafts heading up into the open blue sky.
Your abundant beauty may bloom just like a thousand embryonic stars. 
Scatter! Scatter! Scatter!

Your tasks shall not be viewed as marginal, nor as irrelevant, nor as abysmal, 
For they are to be seen by the very eyes of everyone all around our globe.
Your insights can be seen or heard, the beauty of your creative work, 
Just like how the astronomers discovered Bernard's star, Alpha Centauri, Vega, Sirius stars, black holes, pulsar stars, brown dwarfs, supernovas, dark matter, and other cosmic miracles.
Invite yourselves onboard the ships, warm travelers that you all can be,  with great appreciation of respect, beauty, and diversity. 
Roar! Roar! Roar!

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