Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deaf Lit Extravaganza Book with 3 Poems

My 3 poems are published in an anthology book titled Deaf Lit Extravaganza.  The 3 poems are "The Fable of the Fox and the Heron", "Diva", and "Fragile Earth". It's out in the public for sale. You can order online, using this site address:

Here is my one poem titled "Diva" that is in the book for you to read and enjoy.


Young wise woman.
Brown-cinnamon flesh.
Black braided hair.
A heart listener.
No one can exploit her.
Listen to her stories.
Honest as an open bowl.
Men don’t understand.
She knows what she needs.
She is a diva!
A deaf woman she is.
Doesn’t matter.
She isn’t a light-headed bird.
It won’t work if men try playing tricks.
Beautiful she is.
Intelligent she is.
But she doesn’t lift her tail feathers up.
She doesn’t want to be a pawn.
Respect her dreams!
Respect her existence!
She carries the armor.

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